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Do you find difficulty for saying thank you in these 7 most common situations
Table Of Contents1 Here are 7 most common situation where you must say “thank you”.2 1.     When someone complements you3 2.     When someone give helpful feedback:4 3.     When you’re receiving unfair criticism5 4.     When you’re running late6 5.     When you’re comforting someone.7 6.     When someone gives you unsolicited advice.8 7.When you’re not sure   Saying… (0 comment)

Common Mistakes That Destroy Relationship
“Relationship” – When they end, lot of unanswered question arises. What did I do wrong? to destroy the relationship..!! Why did this happen? to destroy the relationship..!! Why do I keep attracting jerks? to destroy the relationship..!! “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” John Powell In maximum time we are not… (0 comment)

4 Factors that Make You Hard to Motivate
Table Of Contents0.0.0.1 Like motivational quotes?1 Factor 1: Negative attitude2 Factor 2: Wrong goals2.0.0.1  Don’t frustrate on failure:3 Factor 3: Lack of self-knowledge3.0.0.1 Boost up your self confidence by:4 Factor 4: Comfort zone If want to motivate yourself to make things happen then surely this article will help you lot. You have 3 choices when… (2 comments)
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