10 Questions to ask yourself when you are not getting the things you want

10 Questions to ask yourself when you are not getting the things you want
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One of my old friend always ask me why he is not getting things he truly want.  I am not able to answer him properly as the same feeling is also with me. So I start to get the answer from many seniors and surfing such article in internet. Today I have some of the answer why I am not getting the things what I want I life.

Do you think that you have the things you want in your life? If yes then congratulation but if not then you may spend with me for next 5 minutes .First and foremost I must ask you to keep your mind open when you ask yourself the question and get the answer. Otherwise I can’t help you.

Here I have concluded 10 most effective questions to ask when you are not getting the things you want in life:


Do I know exactly what I want with in my life?

If you don’t follow your heart and change your mind often what you want then you actually don’t know what you want in life. So become crystal clear about your goal, write it in a paper. Don’t replaced any of your target with other one because of not able to bypass your comfort zone.

What preparation or action I have taken so far to get the things I want?

Recently I have change my blog design what I want to do from starting itself.  But believe me I have taken almost 7 months to make the design. Because I have not prepare the action for the migration from my old design to new. I was just think need to change the blog design so what I was not able to do that.

Only creating a list of wants will not fulfill your need. You must do some ground level preparation for executing the result.

Do I separate my Ego from me?

“The two most important day in your life are the day you born and the day you find out why”- Mark Twain

Ego is what keeps you from what you want. Do you hate other because they are rich, successful, healthy, happy or attractive?  If the answer is yes then you are with suffering from your ego. Better to keep aside your ego and find the way they success to get things you want.

Am I being control by fear?

If you are always feared about failure then it is a big obstacle on your path of success.  It boost your confidential level when you face and overcome a problem or setback. But you have to face some failure to gain more confidence by take the learning from it.


Do I have proper control over my emotion?

Emotions like angry or frustration distract you from the objectives. Take a break and start again. Ask yourself “why I am so upset?” More ever I will suggest to not taking things personally, taking care of your self-love.

Is it a big concern for me that “what other think “?

I do remember the first day of my job, in every second I was afraid “what they are thinking about me?” . As a result the normal job also does wrongly due to my focus on only “what other think”.  Today I am not a beginner although I have done many mistakes on those days.

So you must agree with me everyone nobody will remain beginner. Everyone start from the zero. So don’t waste your time thinking like what other will think.

Is there any shortcut to get things overnight?

Success doesn’t come overnight. Every day you can’t get the lottery and become rich. So if you not stick with your goal you not get the things you want. Keep believe on yourself as what you believe you can , you must meet .

Do I quit before I get the things I want?

There is no doubt that to get your dream true you have to do a lot of hard work.  Sometimes need to sacrifice many things to achieve the best. But I think it is actually you are investing. It must be return back as a beautiful result.

Do I forgive people?

If you not can’t let go the past and forgive then you actually block new opportunity. So start live with gratitude to present and let forgive yourself and others.

Is there any false belief I am kept with me?

If you believe like “ there is so only so much to go round “ or “ it is difficult to achieve “then you are  pushing away your wish. So avoid critical and negative thinking and come out from the false belief.


Now it is your turn friend. Hope some of the above question will give your answer “why you are not getting things you want”. Don’t forget to share with other if you like the article.

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