Do you have this 10 secretes of most likable person

Do you have this 10 secretes of  most likable person
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On last year I have attend one family tour along with four other family. There was two family who actually friends of one of my friends.  During this small tour I was discovered some of them having difficult mentality  which protect them to be likable person. Everybody wants to be likable person and I am sure you are also most likable person in your world.

How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you.

But some people like, I have mentioned above missed out the great opportunities to create friendship and connect with other. Being a likable person can make it easier to meet people, make friends. More ever people want to be around people they like most and that is you.

Here is 10 secret of most likable person, just check what similar to you.

The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.

They listen carefully:

Be so good that they can’t ignore you.

People love to talk about themselves want to get attention from others. So if you make impression like you know all and only talk then you probably not become a  likable person. Better to be engaged in what other saying and what interest them. Just remember the old saying – we all have two ears and one mouth – use them accordingly.You may ask them about their personal interest. Next time when you will start a conversation with them, they will enjoy because you listened.

So are you a great listener?

They don’t give advice in every moment:


I don’t trust any advice which is given in bad prose.”- Robertson Devies

I generally found some people tempted to offer a solution during conversation. But people can’t be ready to change their opinion and most important fact is the issue belongs with them.  Do you follow this technique during conversation? Probably you handle the tactfully when you thought that your advice can add some value to their solution.  You must seek permission before you offer your inputs as people don’t like to be seen helpless.

They are friendly and open-minded:

We are more likely to trust those who genuinely express their weakness or vulnerabilities.

I think this is the most basic need to become a likable person in this world.  When you think like everyone around you doing their best, you can let down your own guard and become more open. Appreciate others openly and say your thanks genuinely. So are you remaining always pleasant and friendly to all strangers who cross your path?

They are always positive:

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

It is natural and obvious that the things may not always going right, but the likable person always makes it right and positive. Do you like to be around someone who is positive, energetic?  Seeing the glass is half full instead of half empty actually make the difference.  Life is short. Saying yes will open new doors while giving you a positive perspective on life. When you start to say good things about others in front of your new friends , you actually win their trust.

They kept aside their ego:

Ego is just like a dust in the eye. Without clearing the dust you can’t see anything clear. So clear the ego and see the world.

Everyone in this world having some skill, knowledge that you don’t have. If you unable to found any impressive about the person in front of you, it’s because of your ego.  So leave your ego aside and be more likable person.

They take responsibility:

You are always responsible for how you act and what you say, no matter how you feel.

Blame on others for my own mistakes is creating lot of misunderstanding. So if you make a mistake then admit the same and take the responsibility.

They avoid to judge people:

You can’t treat people like shit and then expect them to love you.

When I try to judge people we actually make some wrong perception about them.  Do you judge people always before start connecting with others?

They smile from heart:

A smile is something you can’t give away ; It always come back to you.

This is no one secret for getting people to like you instantly. Moreover it’s absolutely free of cost! I believe you also agree with me as you are a likable person. You must feel the reaction you get when you meet people with a gentle smile.

They maintain eye contact:

Looking into someone’s eyes changes the conversation.

This is helping us to follow what other are saying. The person in the opposite side start to like you that you are attentive and accepting what they are trying to say.

They don’t make comparison:

Personality begins where comparison ends.- Karl Lagerfeld

If you are a likable person then you must allow people to share. Comparing the things like that happened with me is not always likable by others.

The family tour I have mentioned earlier, there was some issue with the hotel booking. Actually the hotel was booked by my friends through a broker. But when we reach at destination found the hotel is not up to the mark. All the issue was start there, the other two friends and their wives started to give advice and complain rather thinking the solution. The tour is over but gives me lot of learning from them when I discover those two friends of my friend are not like by rest of the people there.

If you want to add any point please don’t forget to write as in comment bellow.

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