10 Signs that you have completely Addicted to Your Smartphone

10 Signs that you have completely Addicted to Your Smartphone
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Addicted to your Smartphone is very much real but are you actually aware about your addiction? Do you really feel happy or productive with your Smartphone?

Do you ever feel any impact on your physical and psychological health due to addicted to your Smartphone? Like Text neck, sleep disturbance or anxiety?

Then you must check if any of the bellow signs you have or not. Believe me I feel all those symptoms and signs with myself.

Here is 10 Signs you can check whether you completely addicted to your Smartphone:


  1. Feel incomplete without having your mobile set for a second. If by mistake you leave your Smartphone in the car or at home then you must go back and fetch it.
  2. Checking your cell phone is the first thing in the morning after wake up from the bed.
  3. Do you rush to plug your charger as soon find low battery? When you go somewhere first try to find the electric socket and seat near the point?
  4. Check your phone constantly, usually without any reason.
  5. You like to spend more time with your cell phone at vacation time without enjoy the different places and new things.
  6. Frequently check mobile screen and hunting for e-mail, SMS, Whatsup massage or tweet and answering even when it means interrupting other things you are doing?
  7. When you eat foods, is your Smartphone always kept on the table?
  8. Do you text, email, or surf the internet while driving or doing other similar activities that need your focused attention and concentration?
  9. Your family and friends or co-worker often complain about the uses of your Smartphone.
  10. The last thing you do before going to sleep at night is check your mobile.


You may not be know some real facts on Smartphone uses. When I am writing this post I have found one article and surprised to know 15 Terrifying Statistics on your cell phone addiction. You may be aware about the fact; still I want to share with you some of them.

  • The average person checks their Smartphone 110 times a day
  • 40% person check their Smartphone at toilets
  • 56% people check their Smartphone before sleep
  • 61% sleep with phone turned on under a pillow or next to the bed
  • 26% of car accident caused by cell phone uses
  • 50% of teens admit that they are Smartphone addicted
Some dangerous effect of addicted to your Smartphone :

For more you may check 16 Seriously Damaging Side Effects Of Your Smartphone Addiction by Jayne Leonard. A complete details of side effect of cell phone addiction.

Now tell me how much Smartphone addiction you have? What can you do? I am not telling you to give up your cell phone entirely, but you must make sure a balanced use of your Smartphone. Try to create new habits.

Start your day with honey and lemon or meditation rather than your handset. Give time to your family and friends, and enjoy your life with happiness and freedom. If you are a so-called corporate employee like me then please think once on whether you become addicted to your Smartphone .

Do you want to test how much you are addicted to your smartphone? Then you must visit –This Scientific Test Will Tell You How Addicted You Are To Your Smartphone. This is one of the best free resource and I am recommending you to go through for 5 minutes only .

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  • This is a really helpful post!! Surely will help realize if we’re having SmartPhone addiction.!!

    • Hi Jazz , Thanks again for find my blog. Happy to know as useful. If any point you want to add then welcome always.

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    • Thank you very much for your response, in today’s scenario I have found the most dangerous issue with all on smartphone addiction , we actually lost our own world. Sure I will try to give my label best to help people.Thanks for stopping by.

  • I almost completely agree with what I read in your article, but there are still some controversial points.

    • Yes there are many controversial points on addiction of smartphone which can’t be avoided sometimes , especially in so called corporate culture. Sometime mobile phone is mandatory to run our job. Thanks for your observation . i will definitely try to bring on those controversial issues in next article.


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