10 Simple Tips for Start Your Day with Happiness

10 Simple Tips for Start Your Day with Happiness
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How is your morning today? Do you start it with happiness or sadness? How do you feel today after wake up in the morning? Was it with full of joy or anger or stress?

Is your answer is happiness then congratulation as you have made it. If not or if you want to continue to start your day with happiness this article will help you.

I believe how I start my day that is only affect the rest of the day. So I think this is very much important for happiness.

So start some simple and small things in the morning to boost your happiness.

What you are thinking now? I know, yes obviously there might be some unavoidable situation or circumstances, you can’t change people. But what you can do is to change your attitude and angel of thinking on the situation. You can have control of what to expect, what to do and how to start your day. Believe me this will improve your life, bring more happiness and satisfaction every day.

Set you mode with these 10 simple tips to start your day with happiness:


  1. Wake up early: From tomorrow onward try to wake up some time before than usually you do. It is difficult but not impossible. You can check my small guide here. Start from 5 minutes earlier then gradually increase it up to 30 minutes earlier than usual. It will help you to get some extra time in the morning and reduce the rush and stress.



  1. Start with positive thinking: Just after waking up repeat in your mind several time sentences like –“Today is a great day there is a lot of happiness wait for me and my family today”. This will give a positive energy to your body and mind.



  1. Leave aside all problems: Don’t focus on problems. Start with enjoying the feelings of a wonderful day ahead, even if you can’t see how this can happen. Wisely choose your own thought irrespective of what is happening in your life. Believe me if you preserve, your life will change automatically.


  1. Exercise: Spend some time to work out. At least 10-15 minutes of stretch and exercise will give you a positive energy and boost your body and mind energy level.



  1. Don’t miss your breakfast: When you manage to get up a little earlier, then you get some extra time to prepare your breakfast. You will not feel hungry and get the test of happiness. Try one of my best practice with honey and lemon water in every morning.


  1. Listen music: You can listen your favorite music when you dress up, preparing breakfast or on the way of walk. Try it many people used to do it including me too. I feel better when I listen music.



  1. Quotes: Check some inspirational quotes before get out. You can read and share the same with your friends.


Stay Motivated With A Wide Rage Of Motivational Quotes in my eBook .




  1. Get out home earlier than usual: This will help to decrease your stress level of being late at work. Obviously you can eliminate the other related stress like traffic jam, taking bus or train, irritation.



  1. Smile: It have no cost , just smile naturally. It will help your surrounding happiness and feel you better.


  1. Small happy: Do one small activity that will make you feel happy. Every small happy moment will boost your happiness.


How are you felling now ? Happy or sad? Don’t forget to write down to us on your feelings after implementing any one tips from above. This will help me to serve you better. Happy tuning..!!

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