15 Best Practice to Become More Productive by Today

15 Best Practice to Become More Productive by Today
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There are many tools and methods you can use to gear up your productivity. Here I am sharing the most 15 simple ways to become more productive by today. You can apply it right away.

1. Exercise

If your energy level is high, then you can get many things done in a small amount of time. A good way to enhance your energy level is to exercise in the morning even for 15 minutes.

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2. Get up early:

Win the battle of the bed. Put mind over mattress. This habit alone will strengthen your willpower so it serves you more dutifully in the key areas of your life.

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3. Prioritize:

“You should say to no to good opportunities so that you can say yes to the great ones.”- Rick Warren

Ask yourself:  what are the things you can do which will make you feel productive today?  Attend them only and eliminate the rest.

As you have limited resource so need to prioritize your assignment first. It will make the differences.

4. Become accountable:

Tell others of your plans and when you’ll have projects complete. They’ll expect results, and you’ll get things done on time to avoid disappointing your peers.

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5. Email:

Don’t check email at morning. Reserve the morning for doing your best work with peak energy level. Check email in the afternoon.

Best Practice to Become More Productive by Today

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6. Don’t mess up:

Tennis icon Andre Agassi once said, he wouldn’t let anyone touch his tennis bag because if it got disorganized, he’d get destructed.

So clean up your work place, data to avoid unnecessary stress from mess.

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7. Accept delegation:

If someone else can do it, let them. The task will still be complete, but your time will be freed up for more important projects.

8. Keep the flow:

The most important factor of productivity is flow. But flow can only happen if you have a large amount of uninterrupted time.

So make sure that you have such a time. Allocate uninterrupted blocks of time for serious work.

Stay hungry , Stay foolish- Steve Jobs Click To Tweet


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9. Turn Off Notifications:

I used to turn off all notifications from instant messaging apps when I am writing my blog post. I check them only when I finished one post. This helps me focus on my tasks.


To prevent yourself from getting interrupted, turn off notifications before your work sessions. This includes phone notifications, email notifications, etc.

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10. Switched off your TV:

You’re just spending time to see other people get successful versus doing the things that will get you to your dreams.

Best Practice to Become More Productive by Today

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11.  Avoid multi-tasking and so many meeting.

Research shown our IQ may drop by 5 points during the multi-tasking. So if you are not feeling easy with it don’t do. It will reduce your productivity.

12.  Don’t wait for perfect condition:

Stop waiting for the perfect condition to launch a project or ideas. Immediate action gives a positive feedback loop that drives your productivity. Get things right at first time.

Ask yourself: what is the next simple thing I can do to move this project forward? Do it and then ask the question again.

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13.  Learn to say “No”

Don’t be available to everyone and say yes to every request. It actually interrupts your own assignment and reduces productivity.

14. Use a checklist:

For routine tasks that you do again and again, it’s a good idea to use a checklist.For instance, you don’t need to remember all the steps to finish a task so your mind is free for creative thinking

15. Write Down Your Ideas

You may have a lot of ideas during the day. But if you don’t write them down, you might lose them forever. That’s why it’s important that you write down your ideas. Writing down your ideas can help you become more productive.


You can choose any one or more that works for you and apply. Believe me you will be happy with the result soon. If you get benefited and want to add more with it please let us know and don’t forget to share with your dear once.


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