15 Question to ask yourself how to be a good person

15 Question to ask yourself how to be a good person
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“As long as I’m a good person and I do things from the heart, that’s all that matters”

– Gisele Bundchen



I believe that you are a good person , so why you are here and you better know that what you have . You must want to find out some similarity with other good person hide in you.

Lets have a check here with bellow

15 very common question which you can ask yourself how to be  a good person.

Do you loved to smile often?

Good person smile often and light up a room even in a bad situation.

Do you honest about relationships?

A good person will be honest in their relationship and take it forward when thing are going well. When the time came they end it honestly. They become honest on how they feel and loyal about their commitment. You may realize that it is very much effective when things are going wrong.



Do you give compliment to others?

A truly good person will compliment others when they really deserved it and on the other hand they may offer criticism on a constructive way when warranted. They originally realize that others need praise.

Are you kind to loved ones?

A good person doesn’t take out their problems on their loved ones. They always stay pleasant in public eye.

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Are you polite enough?

They are not showing artificial respect and manner s. They truly respect people and want to treat how they want to be treated.

Do you make the best in any situation?

Being a good human always focus on positives, keeping the improvement on negatives, in any situation.

Do you in touch with your parents regularly?

Getting busy and let the life in your own way is easy. But believe me good person make sure to find time to call or check in with parents regularly. Respect to parents is truly great things.

Here I am trying to open a list of traits generally find with any human beings and it will help you how to be a good person:

Traits of Good person

Are you being kind to everyone?

A good person look at people for the person they can be. They actually find the positives on every one.

Do you not to forget about manner?

Better person truly understand their action and always remember their manner.

Do you take things for granted?

Being a good person you should understand that what you have done in the past doesn’t ensure the results in the future.

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Do you think of others?

Truly good people think that what’s good for them may not always be the best for others. They consider about their action what will affect others are comfortable with the decision to move forward.

Do you generous with your belongings?

They believes that the things we gathered and the money we accumulate are not worth anything without people to share it with. They are always open and generous.


Do you ready to go some extra mile?

A good person don’t hesitate to go an extra mile for complete the task. They often spending their own time ensuring finishing the job.

Do you make friends easily?

People always drawn a good person and easily accept as friends.

Are you consistent?

Truly good people always make sure to put their best and treat each person and situation with consistence.


“Being a good person is like being a goal keeper, no matter how many goals you save, some people will remember only the one that you missed.”

Be a good person is not so hard what is your opinion?


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