15 reasons why you should stop worrying about the future

15 reasons why you should stop worrying about the future
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Are you worried about the future? If yes then why? Don’t you think there is a way to stop it? Yes stop worrying about the future today .

Yes worrying about the future is very common nature of us in today scenario. Worry is the reaction to a threat and just like animals; we either fight or run away. But many of us, even you also stuck between choices.  Gradually you become helpless towards life. Many people believe that worrying over something negative that might happen, actually prevents it from happening. These habitual worries think that by fretting about something, they can control that it’s not going to happen.


“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”- Leo F. Buscaglia. Click To Tweet


However you can find out there are many situations when there’s no logical reason to worry which causes a significant amount of anxiety. Today I want to tell you some excellent reasons why you should stop worrying about the future. You can find out more about the reasons we worry, the cause of worrying, how it affects your life, some practical guide and suggestions to escape from it

Do you know that worrying takes up a lot of energy from your body and mind? It causes stress, results in neglecting important things. Ultimately takes a lot of fun out of your life. If you feel stress now check my earlier article here.


“You cannot run from the future , but you can give your best to create a positive future right here and now”


1.      Help to wasting the present

Just think how worry starts work. “What if this happens?” Then you develop another worry in your mind. This new worry again leads to the same question and the cycle start and continue.

So better to focus on today as “ Life is too short” and you should not be wasted on worrying about what may or may not be happening tomorrow . If you’re feeling yourself successful today , may be try doing whatever it is you love the most and watch the worries disappear. Please try to recognize that the truth lies in the present so live in the moment.

2.      Do worries help to predict or control your future?

It’s impossible to have complete control on individual’s life when so intermingled with the outside world. No one has the power to forecast the future and control it.

You can only control the two things, one is your thoughts and other is your action. Don’t even try to see what the future holds or make a plan for it. You should motivate yourself to live today and stop worrying about the future.


“God says don’t worry about your future. He is the author of your story and He’s already written the final chapter” –Max Lucado


3.      Worries lack a sense of perception

The perception of losing a job and that’s where the worry begins. Then it continues to grow and grow until the person is homeless, living in the streets, and is all alone in the world. Even they can’t move away from the situation to have the right perception.

If the person on the above example was talk through this scenario; it would become clear how improbable this outcome would happen.


4.      Worries exaggerate the possible outcome

It actually tends to exaggerate and over stress the negative things that might happen when there isn’t any evidence it will happen. One single thought will bring another thought in mind. Before they know it, these negative thoughts are all stuck together. Now come the fear and fretting and stress appear.

You can never predict what will happen and you are not able to control what does happen. We are for a short time here, so just forget and stop worrying about the future, live in the present and enjoy everything that happens.


“I’m blessed, because of my faith, that I don’t have to worry about the future because I know that who holds my future”


5.      Worries try to show that they are thinking constructive

Worries think that they can expect the problems of the future; it will help them somehow which is totally wrong thinking. Once they start, they keep going as they can’t stop the thinking. Do you notice that?

You must change from generating problems to solving problems.  So please take care of solving problem of today by let it go and stop worrying about the future.


6.      Worries help to take away from the focus

As you seen worry start and continue as a cycle of negative things that might happen in the future.  So they have a problem to make decision for today that may concern their job, family, relationship many other important things.

If you start living for today and practicing the awareness then it will help you to turn your focus away from what “might” be happen. People need to focus on their values and live in that moment to enable them to make right choices and decisions.

Please get out from your comfort zone start writing something new , may be blog.  Yes start it , you can do .


“If you‘re worried about what the future brings, simply remind yourself that you didn’t get where you are today by worrying about tomorrow”


7.      Brain will do differently during worries

When you worry excessively, have a difficult time even just trying to change a negative thought into a positive one. The difficulty you have endured shows in the brain as a boomerang type of effect.

You need to understand how worrying (that actually negative thought) can affect the brain in an unhealthy way. So please try to concentrate on the positive things in life.


stop worrying about future


8.      It creates trouble to make decision.

It’s is very difficult for worrier to make decision. They take much more time as they dwell on all the impending negative results. Actually when they make a decision, they worry that it might not be right one.

A non-worrier is more compliant in thinking than a worrier. They also have more capabilities to try out a solution even if there’s a possibility that the result could be bad.


“Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry- all forms from fear-are caused by too much future, and not enough presence” Click To Tweet


9.      Worries have trouble getting to the cause of their worry

First of all you need to find the real problem before you start to worry and stop the cycle of negative thinking. Otherwise it will continue to spin until the first worry is entirely removed from the real issue at hand. You need to realize that a problem may lead to another, but it’s not worth worrying about because that’s in the future.

10.  Worrier worry –wherever, when ever

It seems that worrier are able to worry anywhere, anytime. As soon any problem arises they feel they need to fix the problem right away. Immediately they feel the need to plan for any bad situation that could happen. Surprisingly during the period they forget to take care of their present life, job, family or other things that need their attention.

If you till worry about the future then set aside a few minutes every day to do nothing but worry! If you have 15-20 minutes of “worry time” from then on when a worry arrives, you should remember to put it off until the time end. Chances are by the time it comes; the worry will have been forgotten.

11.  Worry helps to lower down your confidence

Worrier always try to create ideas on the thing that could go askew, and they also don’t believe they can cope with anything that might go wrong. They have spent a lot of time considering the worst scenario which makes them able to cope. The odd thing is the same worrier do well during a crisis.

On the other hand non-worriers can do just as well in a crisis. However they have the confidence that no matter what happens they can deal with it.

If you want to build self-confidence, you need to do something that you enjoy and love to do. That’s the best suggestion to avoid feeling stick in life.


12.  Worry not help to conclude positively in dismal situation

If a worrier tries to see a picture of really bad car crash, with people inside, the first thought would be a dreadful scenario. Mostly they just can’t see anything good happening in this situation.


But a non-worrier has the capabilities to think something positive in this situation. Even though there might be injuries but everyone lives because the passenger were well protected with the seat belt and the airbag.

If you know deep within yourself that something positive will happen in any negative situation, you’ll be able to cut the anxiety you feel about the future.


“Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Fall in love .Regret nothing, and don’t let people bring you down”


13.  Don’t know the right answer

When worry begins the question like

If it’s important to me?  Is it actually a problem? Can I control it? Because worrier don’t know the answer, they just start worrying.

A non-worrier ask the question and knows the answer will probably be, no. So it is then dismissed, and the need to worry is gone. It’s a simple but effective process to stop worrying about the future.

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14.  Helps to build negative attitude

Worrier find that negativity is not acceptable to them and they can’t tolerate uncertainty at all.

But the non-worriers have much healthier attitude. They are actually inclined to understand that whatever negative emotion they’re feeling, it’s in need of attention.

15.  It’s thinking of failing always

The worrier are so much worry about failing that it’s harder for them when do fail. They also forgot to learn from the failure.

You know that failing is a fact of life and happens to everyone. However painful the failing was , we just using the experience to make life better. It will help you in the future by refraining from making the same mistakes again.


Bringing all together:

There’s nothing wrong with worrying because everyone does it. But it does matter how much and how often you worried. Extensive worry is total wastage of energy and time. It’s also very unhealthy for you.

So stop worrying about the future and free yourself from the pressure of anxiety. Enjoy your life, job, family today. Realize that the future, whatever it is , will take care of itself.

Happy tuning, keep sharing id you enjoy and I am able to give some ideas to you for stop worrying about the future.

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