15 Simple Tips On How To Wake Up Early

15 Simple Tips On How To Wake Up Early
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Wake up

Hope you are now tuned up enough to make a habit of wake up early in the morning.

You may still not able to gather the confidence that is it possible to make a habit of early rising? Yes it is definitely possible. I will help you to make it possible.


Before go further I will suggest to review once again my earlier post on Wake Up Early.

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Now please spend just 20 minutes and go through my 15 simple tips to make it happen. I believe you will make the habit of wake up early which will tuned up your success in day to day life after going through it.


1.   Set Your Goal and Keep It Visible

I always try to set next day goal before going to sleep. Obviously not the wrong goal . Then I try to keep it embed in my mind consciously or subconsciously .

What may be the simple way ? Keep it visible in notice board, stick it up on a post –it-note in front of your desktop, set it as wallpaper, keep it as alarm in mobile handset. It will help to force you to complete your goal of next day within time.


2.   Create  Irresistible Reason

To wake up early create a compelling reason. Is it for personal activities? To get more work done? To get a head start in every day? Until create a strong reason all attempts to make a habit of wake up early will fail.

I can personally experienced those day when I want to wake up early just for the sake of it, I fail miserably. I am sure you too feel it, when you need to catch first local train, or when you have to reach at examination center or to make an appointment, on that particular morning you wake up early. How? Because there is an irresistible reason behind the scene!


3.    Make A Transition Phase

Habituated to wake up at 8 to 9 am? It will not realistic for anyone to change immediately to wake up 5 to 6 am in next day after reading this post!

I have made a transition phase to start off by improving the waking up time 15 to 20 min every day until reach I reached my goal.


4.   Create A Reward and Accountability To Others

A reward always creates an additional motivation. Share your our goal with friends/ family which will creates accountability on your end to wake up early.


Tips how to wake up early 1

5.   Create Urgency

Set up extremely important and urgent tasks as the first job of the day so you have to wake up and finish them.




6.   Plan A Non-negotiable Agenda For The Next Day

If you don’t wake up , it will mesh up the schedule for the day and end up with a backlog of work at the end.


7.   Achieve your Goal with Others

Try to find out a friend or family member who wants to wake up early too-this will help to generate more motivation.

8.   Early To Bed

Tips for wake up early 2

Be realistic – When I go to bed early and have a sufficient sleep then waking up early become easier task.


9.   Set Alarm With Correct Time

To set new sleeping routine alarm clock is essential for first few weeks with correct time. Once get into hang of it , you will likely start waking up automatically at around same time every day without it. Get up from bed first time heard the sound.

10.  Set Multiple Alarm Clocks

If you are a deep sleeper this will help you definitely by set up multiple alarm slightly different times like 5 minutes apart from each other.

 11. Put The Alarm Clock Far Away From Bed

Such way you need to get off from the bed to reach it. But don’t go back to bed and also set the alarm sound audible.

12. Set Your Favorite Music in Alarm


Today Mobile phones are used for use as alarm clock, so why not you start your day with your favorite ring tone or song? It’s a great idea to wake up with nice mood.


13. Read Fiction Instead of Reading Self Help Books, News, Emailing or Social Media

News will just stress you, email reminds you to work, self help books will fill your brain with ideas, social media will keep you surfing – none of these will help you to sleep.

Better to read  short stories or novel already read before.



14. Cut The Stimulants

Caffeine, Alcohol, Smoking affect your sleep schedule and mesh it up which ultimately affects on your waking up early.

15. Set The Wake Up Time In Mind Before Go To Sleep

It’s may sound bogus, but it works for me and believe others also .The subconscious works in its own mysterious ways.

 Tips for wake up early 3

I will suggest combining all tips and making your own way to make a habit of wake up early to drive your success.

You can read hundreds of articles in internet on how top wake up early but you have to set your priority, yes real priority. Stick with it and you will soon find this time of day extremely relaxing and productive.

But I wasn’t always an early riser. I was extreme night owl for most of my life. I now became an early bird simply by desiring it by breaking the comfort zone.

If you like the articles and feel now you will able to wake up early then please share it.

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