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15 Most Powerful Practical Ways to Overcome Stress
Table Of Contents0.1 When stress come on the way?0.2 Why you should learn to overcome stress?0.3 15 Most Powerful Practical Ways to Overcome Stress:1 1. Meditation / mindfulness2 2. Exercise3 3. Healthy food4 4. Yoga5 5. Sleep6 6. Social engagement7 7. Time management8 8. Simple life8.0.1 9. Focus on decision-making energy9 10. Keep a stress… (8 comments)

5 Entrepreneur Stories from Indian History Can Motivate You to Start Up
Table Of Contents1 The stories of 5 famous Indian Entrepreneur motivate me a lot.¬† Here are those all in brief for you.1.0.1 Jamshedji Tata (1839-1904)1.0.2 Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata ( 1904-1993)1.0.3 Here is another success story from Indian woman in Olympic may motivate you:1.0.4 Dhirubhai Ambani ( 1932-2002)1.0.5 Read:1.0.6 How Success may Achieve by Turn… (0 comment)
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