4 Factors that Make You Hard to Motivate

4 Factors that Make You Hard to Motivate
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If want to motivate yourself to make things happen then surely this article will help you lot.

You have 3 choices when it comes to take action on –we can make things happen? Watch things happen? Or ask what happened?

You set your goal and try to stick with. But at a certain time you just don’t seem to find the motivation to get back on track.

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Don’t think you are alone. I also feel that way too from time to time when, it becomes hard to motivate myself into starting over.

I believe that you should know some of the hidden factor that makes you difficult to feel excited and enthusiastic about anything. Do you? Let’s check what those factors are.

When we confront and eliminate these factors, it becomes much easier to stay motivated .


Factor 1: Negative attitude

We are very much fond of some common word like  never”,”can’t”,”worried”,”tried”,”sad. Surprisingly all those word has connection to motivate your negative attitude and stop you motivating.

As the mindset of people is a major factor in motivation, the way you perceive the situation will determine the kind of action you take on it.


So please stop thinking like “You are not”-talented/young/pretty/happy…and so many negative thoughts that produce chemical in your body that lower the immune system and effect on motivation .


Start to make some changes in your attitude and language. When you catch your negative thought make effort to catch at least some positive things about the situation that will help you a lot to tune up your self motivation skill.


Factor 2: Wrong goals

Everybody talk about how to achieve goal.But no one talk about choosing the right goal.

Think a little more and you will find that to achieve your so called goal which is not right one, you already have wasted lot of effort, time and motivation because till then you worked hard on the wrong goal. At last you have no energy and motivation left with you to work on the goals that truly matter.

So henceforth please choose your goal correctly which is so called SMART Goal setting.

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Factor 3: Lack of self-knowledge


Motivation is actually an emotion which comes and goes. If we start smiling even when we don’t feel like it, our brain starts to release feel-good hormones and our mood actually improves. The same goes for motivation. If you make an effort and begin working on a task that you do not feel like doing, soon you may discover that your motivation is back.

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Factor 4: Comfort zone

The unknown is always uncomfortable.

When you are presented with a new opportunity, idea or experience, first of all what you do : you will check if it fits our comfort zone. If it does not, we simply dismiss it.

No second thoughts and no questions asked.

I know that it sounds obvious – we know that we have to keep our mind open to new opportunities and say “yes” to new ideas more often. For more regarding this factor please refer my earlier post “5 ways to break your comfort zone

But the big question is that, do you and I really do it ?


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