5 Simple Way Of Felling Less Frustration In Life

5 Simple Way Of Felling Less Frustration In Life
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Are you feeling Frustration in your every day’s life? Are the things not going on your way?

Are you feeling the whole world is against you and not able to regain your control?


Are the bellow question pops up in your mind today?

  • “I don’t want to be doing this”
  • “Why can’t things just work out as I planned?”
  • “Why does everything have to be so hard today?”
  • “Why me only?”

Yes Frustration –a very familiar word with you and me !

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What is Frustration?

In a very simple word, it’s an emotion that pops up when we don’t get what we want. It appears when we can’t control what’s happening around us.

Next time when you feel frustrate,check it, you definitely feeling out of control.

How to feel less of frustration in life ?

1.      Acknowledge of your feelings:

Whenever the feelings start in your mind, need to acknowledge first that you are now frustrated, don’t try to avoid it.

2.      Identify the reason of your Frustration:

As you are trying to control something, so you need to now the object first.

3.      Remember “what you resist persists”:

If you keep resisting what happens with you , definitely you will find it will show up in your life.

4.      Thinking about what you don’t want:

It is negative thinking and try to avoid at any cost.

5.      Accept it :

Better to simply let go of trying to control the situation and accept it. Instead of fighting with your life , flow with it and notice how much things become easier.

A Simple Practice during you frustrate in life or day to day work :

In addition I will recommend you 5 simple practices I personally follow.  I can guarantee you this method will works immediately when you feel frustrate in life.

·         Close your eyes and try to focus on your breathing.
·         Inhale 5 times, hold to count 5 and exhale to count 5.
·         During exhale, imagine exhaling your stress /anxiety.
·         Repeat loudly or silently “Let it go”.
·         Just feel and visualize it leaving your body.


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