5 ways to break your comfort zone

5 ways to break your comfort zone
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Every One has own comfort zone..!! And it’s very difficult to come out from

our comfort zone..!!

Is your current life satisfying?

Is there room for improvement?

So here you need to do some tuning to break your comfort zone .


If you want to increase your creativity,confidence, then please go ahead with simple ways to break your comfort zone.

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The comfort zone extent is different to everyone. Some people have no trouble speaking to a huge crowd while others fear the mere thought of appearing in front of a small group.

Fortunately for you, everyone has the power to expand his comfort zone.

Born and raised in a unique context, we define our comfort zone differently. Until reaching adulthood, its development is greatly influenced by our parents and relatives.

We only take control of it the day we start flying on our own. So,please check your comfort zone.

Try and break your comfort zone with these 5 tricks.

1.Do something new

Create a blog, write a book, play an instrument, learn a new language, or follow an exercise program!

2.Have your say.

Either in the classroom, at work, or at a meeting, ask a relevant question or express an idea, a comment or an appreciation.

If you prefer starting with smaller steps, thanking your teacher or the host of the meeting before leaving is a good kick-off!


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  1. Go to uncommon places

Offer a little time to an organization on your values; take a dance, or a cooking class.

As long as it is related to your interest!

You can be surprised by the encounters and acquirement resulting from these activities.

Show interest to people from different cultures, other social or professional circles.

4. Break your routine.

Take a different road to work.

Observe the houses, people, buildings and the beautiful trees during your ride.

Think about the things you can do to break your comfort zone: Such as offering a coffee, flowers, compliments, etc.



  1. Meet new people.

Have your say; ask an open question on a subject on your interest to a work colleague or school comrade you have never spoken to, your bus or taxi driver, a homeless man, your postman, the server at the restaurant, etc.

Show interest to people from different cultures, other social or professional circles.


It might seem horrifying at first, but you’ll start embracing it once you get used to it!

It all comes down to emotional triggering.


Any point you want to add please let me know in comments bellow.

If you like then please do’t forget to share with your friends..!! Happy Tuning..!!

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Comments (6)

  • This is good stuff here!
    Especially meeting new people can be hard these days, when so much “communicaion” is wireless. I forced myself to lay down the phone on the bus one day, just to talk to the guy next to me. He was from Canada and I can remember his beard, from last year, but I cannot remember everything I’ve read in my e-mail from the last 10 minutes 🙂 Maybe our brain needs us to break the comfort zone, so that the brain can grow?

    • Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback and sharing the fact. This is the best inspiration of this post. Will be definitely check your post too and in touch always. Thanks once again.

  • Great post – I’m in the process of ‘breaking my comfort zone’ – it’s going well. I’ve set up a new blog which is helping me to link with people from different countries and cultures around the world which I’m finding both inspiring and interesting. Great to link up with you! When I attended meetings I found myself always sitting in the same spot around the board room table – I decided to move to the other side at the next meeting – It felt very ‘uncomfortable’ and I realised how stuck I was becoming! interesting and thanks! x


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