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10 Signs From Your Boss Will Let You Know That Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

10 Signs From Your Boss Will Let You Know That Your Boss Doesn’t Like You
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Who don’t want to be liked at work place? What will be the increment this year?

What will be my rating in performance review?

Most of the times all of the above question depend upon how your Boss handled you.

Are your boss doesn’t like you? How can you find out?


Here are 10 practical signs that your boss secretly doesn’t like you.
Calls You Out:

If your boss disagreed with any of your move then he/she can discuss with you privately rather calls you out in front of others.

Negative Feedback:

Does your boss only talk with you when he /she has something to complain about you or your work? Or not hear about any positive on you for long time?

Not Appreciating:

Does your boss acknowledge your good work and give a thank you or well done?

Avoiding You:

Does your boss ignore you all the time including a serious and important moment also?

Reducing Your Responsibilities:

Does your boss often reduced your responsibilities and give you such tasks that bellow your educational qualification or experiences or your pay scale?

Stuck For A Long Time:

Does you stuck at your present position for long time? Although doing a good job and showing your capabilities at your best?

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Restrict Your Involvement in Key Decision:

Does your boss include you and your input at the time of taking big decision related to your sphere of influence?

Communicate Through Only Mail Communication:

Does your boss try to limit their in person communication with you?

Never Ask About Your Personal Life:

Does your boss speak with everyone about their kids or family except you?

Don’t Give Credit Of Your Ideas:

Does your boss steal your ideas and take the advantages from your ideas and hide the same in front of management?-some bosses do this!

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Will come later how to deal with your boss who doesn’t likes you?

If you like the article and find some similarities with your professional life then definitely comments. Also share with your colleges and friends.

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