Do you have these 6 struggles what highly intelligent people have and how to overcome

Do you have these 6 struggles what highly intelligent people have and how to overcome
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What do you think about highly intelligent people? Are the highly intelligent people are super human or the don’t have any struggle in life? The reality is they also have many struggle in their day-to-day life.

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”-Ernest Hermingway

If you are a highly intelligent person, sometime you may feel alone for these struggles and difficulties. Your friends and family may not understand your feelings. Here are six common struggles to help you feel acknowledge and understood.

“Many highly intelligent people are poor thinkers. Many people of average intelligence are skilled thinkers. The power of a car is separate from the way the car is driven”- Edward de Bono

Do you get under tremendous pressure to meet success?

My sister who had always become top in her high school even till PhD in physics. No doubt she is among intelligent people. But what I realize she was in tremendous pressures during her academic career. The expectation from my parents, her teachers, friends and peers was high at that moment. Sometime I have noticed this fear of failure cause her to lose motivation and give up on her pursuits. Do you ever feel like that?

What I suggest to overcome pressure, you must focus on your passion only. Result will automatically come. Please try to understand life is not only about your academic success.

“Ignorant people are more likely to believe they are brilliant, while intelligent people are more likely to underestimate themselves!”


Do you have face more difficulty to find new friends?

Highly intelligent people often seek the relationship with people having equal intelligence. They actually consider that developing relationship is not worth with those having less intellectual power than them. As an effect they suffer with loneliness.

I believe everyone has different kinds of skill and intelligence. If you have a friend with knowledge in automobile he can help you to maintain your car. On the other hand if one of your friend is highly romantic or social in nature can help you to keep up your family and social life. So we need to keep a balance between rather think like he/she can’t be your friend for their intelligence.

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubt, while the stupid people are full of confidence”- ChariesBukowski

Do you always try to be perfectionist?

If you are among highly intelligent people then you have a good analysis power. This will boost you to find faults and problems quickly.  As a result you often feel like it is not good enough or not perfect, anything you do. This leads you to overwork, unhappiness and low self-esteem,.I think you must think the purpose of the work rather being 100% perfect. It is important to be realistic about work and the time allocated to do it.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.- Albert Einstein

Do you often suffer paralysis by over analysis?

Because you are highly intelligent to make the best decision you always prefer to analysis information again and again. But do you believe in today’s complex world a best solution is not always possible. This can make you frustrated and paralyzed with indecision.

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You can make decision which is not the best, but take the learning for future.

“Intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person. The smarter you are, the more selective you become.”


Do you find it harder to have relationships?

Due to over analysis things become critical.  Highly intelligent people may also believe that there is only one right way to do things. These traits bring conflicts and destroy meaningful relationship. Because you always try to find out negatives, you are being suspicious in front of others. As a result you may find it difficult to appreciate and trust others and be alone in the world.

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”-Ernest Hermingway Click To Tweet

I will suggest staying open to other people’s ideas without assuming there is only one right way as you think. Try to appreciate other’s good suggestion. Words are vital in all relationships in orders to make sure both partner feel accepted and valued. Try to engaged or be part of a group and share your thoughts with them. This will increase your happiness level and boost positive emotion.


“ I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all . Now he is an Engineer in Microsoft, and I am the owner of Microsoft”- Bill Gates


Do your tiny mistakes highlighted often?

This is really hard on highly intelligent people. Your small mistakes are noticed by others as you are to be perfectionist. This leads to fear of failure.

Don’t worry, everyone make mistakes. You are human beings; it’s natural to do mistakes.  When someone points out your mistake, it’s always about him or her, not you. When you stop to take things personally, people will soon stop to criticize you.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”- Stephen Hawking

If you are struggling with any of the above points then please share your experience. Once I was found one effective article on 11 common traits of highly intelligent people which actually insist me to write this article, you may check.

I will suggest you to working on any weaknesses can help you to use your intelligence in the best possible way.

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