7 Secrets of Staying Energized Throughout the Day

7 Secrets of Staying Energized Throughout the Day
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Staying energized throughout the day in work is a big concern for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m with marathon pace during the day. From the moment my feet touch the floor after wake up in the morning to the time finally fall asleep, it’s only –go-go and go!

Do you feel exhausted at PM? Is it hard for you to stay energized throughout the work? Do you simply want another cup of coffee to energize again and again to overcome continuous stress of mind and body? But fail to get energized again!

To get the answer I have reach out to some my busiest friends to ask how they maintain their energy levels and knocking internet for some solution of it. I have summarized the top advice .As a telecom guy it’s very tough for me to maintain the energy level. But finally I have noticed the some remarkable changes after adopting them.

Here are my secrets of staying energized throughout the day:


Your workday is hard enough with the assignments, deadlines and meetings. Believe me it will take only 7 minutes of reading but works a lot for you.

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Try it to sustain your hard work day  with full of  assignments, deadlines, and meetings

Getting up early and take bath on the same time every morning:

This will enable your circadian rhythms, which are governed by your body’s “maser clock” in the hypothalamus gland, to stay in sync with the 24-hour day. According to science your body’s sleep-wake cycle want to delay by an average 12 minutes every day.

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To keep balance in this body cycle aim for 30 minutes of light first thing, even on Saturday when you’ve decided to sleep in. An easy way to get it is to go for a half-hour stroll outdoors or have your breakfast by a sunny window. If your schedule requires you to rise when it’s dark outside, crank up the lights indoors—every little bit may help.

I personally wake up early and start with honey lemon and bathing. It gives me a fresh mind and body.

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Healthy Breakfast:

An energizing breakfast can help your body to stay energized throughout the day. Always eat breakfast shortly after you wake up and follow above step.

Choose your breakfast that contains healthy carbohydrates and high quality proteins. They actually help power up your body and feel fresh mind. For example, have a slice of whole wheat bread with two hard boiled eggs. Try having a piece of fruit or a serving of veggies with your breakfast as well.


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Get Moving:

Any kind of movement really is a great way to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping right to your brain.

According to study you can boosts your energy with a 20 minute walk. So be flexible at your desk or workplace. This could be as simple as getting up from your seat to stretch your back, or as intense as pausing midday for a trip to the gym.

Another simple way of stay energized by adding some stairs to your day. Taking the stairs to the office is a great workout and boosts energy.


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Staying Energized Throughout the Day

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Drink Water:

Dehydration is a cause of fatigue so does not neglect your water intake. Keep a water bottle near you at all times and periodically take a sip. You should also take advantage of any water fountains you see during your day.

I found that keeping a water bottle on my desk really encourages me to drink up. I have an aquarium too in my drawing room, which also energized me a lot.


Smart snack & listen to some tunes:

Healthy snacking can help you an energy boost whenever you feel stress during work. Instead of processed snack (oftentimes, which actually leads to a crash not long after consumption), turn to healthy and natural snacks like apples, oranges, almonds, and yogurt. You may try for a very dark chocolate.

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Refresh your mind a change of pace and listen to some music as you work. Try light songs, music so you won’t get too distracted from the task at hand. Listening to instruments is a good option.



Earlier I was told you how meditation can help you. But in this case I am not asking you to give dedicated full time 20 minutes to meditating each time you feel stressed.

The process can be as simple as closing your eyes for 3 minutes and paying attention to your breathing and physical sensations. It will redirect your thoughts to the present, eliminating stressful thoughts that’s drain your energy.


Stare off into space:

Staring at desktop or laptop screen for 7 hours on end really strains the eyes and worsen exhaustion.

You can try a 20-20-20 rule in mind when you are feeling stress. Look at a point 20 feet away, for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes to break continuous computer screen fixation.

Sitting up straight is also in a way a form of exercise, as it requires your core muscles to work hard to help you maintain that position.

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Let’s eliminate the fight with low energy using above 7 simple ideas.  If you want to include an ideas to stay energized throughout the day can comment below. I will be happy to hear what works for you!! Don’t forget to share with your colleagues and friends.

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