70 Life Principles To Follow In Life To Redesign Your Future

70 Life Principles To Follow In Life To Redesign Your Future
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Life Principle

Long before I was found an article in internet about life principle. During the journey of life I found that I should have follow the life principle for achieve success and happiness in life.

If you want to see as happiest and successful person in life, believe me or not it is highly recommended tools for everyone.

I have listed here 70 such principle of life you should follow in everyday life.

It will take hardly 10 -15 minutes to learn each part in a synchronize manner and help you to identify the improvement area you need to focus.

It is recommended to read each principle and think little in very simple manner to connect that point with your life. I have maintain aliphatic order and very brief for your convenience .You will automatically discover the way out, as you know every individual has his /her own way of thought.

Let’s start here:
  1. Action : Success start here
  2. Ability: Individual born with
  3. Awareness: First step to recognize problem.
  4. Anger: The emotion hurts you only.
  5. Annoyances: Source for the problem arises.
  6. Beliefs: Affects mostly our life. My internal beliefs and issues are more affect to us than other beliefs about me.
  7. Beauty: Inside beauty is more effective in life than outside beauty.
  8. Blame: Pointing out other with one figure result three fingers pointing back to me.
  9. Business: learn to run without me means via automation or outsourcing.
  10. Change: Is good always, welcome it.
  11. Changing People: I can’t change others, only can change myself.
  12. Comparing: Focus on myself rather comparing with other as there goal may different from me.
  13. Criticism: Accept and enjoy it.
  14. Competition: Love to win competition with myself.
  15. Condition: I can’t love my child only when she scores highest marks in math.
  16. Confidence: Knowing myself from every corner
  17. Death: Part of life and natural phenomenon.
  18. Doing everything alone: Involve other in my goal.
  19. Escaping: Problem couldn’t be solve
  20. Failure: Success is 99% of it.
  21. Fear: Free from it.
  22. Focus: Don’t distracted from it
  23. Force: There is place and time for everything.
  24. Forgiveness: About forgiving myself.
  25. Frustration: Not at all help me to resolve issues.
  26. Friendship: Bond with it and make new one again.
  27. Future: I can’t control my future, for betterment I have to create it now.
  28. Fulfillment: Feeling good things, celebrating good things in life, I should never do what I hate most.
  29. Growth: Accept challenges for growth.
  30. Give and Take: Rather thinking for take from others always try to give.
  31. Happiness: What gives me joy of life that only gives me happiness.
  32. Habits: Make me who I am.
  33. Humility: Require to earn respect and accomplishment automatically.
  34. Improving: To identify the improvement area.
  35. Intuition: Follow it when in doubt.
  36. Inspiration: If I am not feeling inspired then I am not in a state of flow.
  37. Judgment: When I try to judge other it only makes me ugly one.
  38. Jealousy: Keep away from it.
  39. Let go: Enjoy life with let go technique.
  40. Life: experience the creation. Make your life as simple , take a look here
  41. Love: become a right person with a right person along the life.
  42. Limits: Identifying my own limits to achieve more
  43. Meaning of life: I can treat my life without meaning or take as opportunity.
  44. Material objects: I do not carry the objects with me when die.
  45. Money: Earn more by creating more value to others.
  46. Mistakes: Learn from it.
  47. Motivation: Comes when I do something I love.
  48. Obstacles: Stop me when I don’t want to achieve my goals.
  49. Opportunities: If I remain active opportunities will knock on my door by virtue.
  50. Passion: Start pursuing the dream.
  51. Past: I can change the present only to create a beautiful future.
  52. Power: I can do anything I want with my inner power.
  53. Possibilities: Anything I wished for is possible with my heart and soul.
  54. Pleasing other: Trying to pleasing others, you end up not living a life at all.
  55. People you dislike: Spend with people you like most.
  56. Positivity: Be positive and see the good side of everything.
  57. Priorities: Gives you the happiness in life, do what matter most to me.
  58. Progress: How far I have come, need to celebrate and not how much yet to achieve.
  59. Regret: Don’t stuck at impression when I did something actually not wish to, start living in present.
  60. Reality: When I will change my beliefs then my reality will follow suit.
  61. Relationships: Don’t impose expectation in relationship
  62. Respect: Everyone deserve it
  63. Responsibility: Nobody is responsible for my life.
  64. Resistance: Whenever I try to resist something, the more it will persist.
  65. Result: Directly proportional to my action.
  66. Root cause: Dig for it and address it.
  67. Success: There is no such thing as an overnight success. Hard work is the result of determination, persistence, and relentless focus
  68. Truth: When I tell a lie, I live a lie forever and continue to cover up it with a new lie.
  69. Time: Don’t try to manage time, work on self management and activity.
  70. Yourself: Don’t do things for others , do them for yourself



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