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How to control Ego
“Ego is the biggest enemy of humans”- Rig Veda In continuation of my earlier post “ I am Ego”, let’s try to find out the way out to control the same for more happiness in life. When I start to write on this some question in my mind arises like, Who am I ? What… (1 comment)

Table Of Contents1 Cooperation2 Teamwork3 Collaboration4 Conclusion Is it possible to achieve a goal by interchanging teamwork with collaboration or are the two words “cooperation “and “collaboration” with same meaning? Most of us treat as synonyms. But I believe with some other angle which may help to achieve goal in more effective manner Cooperation When… (0 comment)

Common Mistakes That Destroy Relationship
“Relationship” – When they end, lot of unanswered question arises. What did I do wrong? to destroy the relationship..!! Why did this happen? to destroy the relationship..!! Why do I keep attracting jerks? to destroy the relationship..!! “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” John Powell In maximum time we are not… (0 comment)
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