Answer these 7 questions to know your passion in life

Answer these 7 questions to know your passion in life
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I will highly recommend you to know your passion in life and do it for living , if you think to start or already have started the transformation in life. Passion is your fuel to power your realization and dreams well.

If you want to live a truly satisfying and meaningful life you must know “what are your passion in the life?” Are you still struggling to find your passion in  life? If so then the following 7 question will definitely help you to get start.


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If I consider that you might already be living a life of passion without even recognizing it , then also you ask these 7 question to yourself.

Before you start, my personal request to you when you read just to write the question on a paper so that you have plenty of room for answer them from your inner mind.

1.      Does it really make you feel good ?

You know that some activities you do in your day-to-day life give you a pleasure in mind , isn’t it? And of course when you repeatedly doing those activities that just make you feel good about yourself.

Can you guess what is the reason behind your feeling on such activities? Yes you are absolutely right , it’s something about your passion in life that related with this activities. Explore this precious feelings attached to these pursuits can help you to find your passion in life.

Passion in life

Once you able to discover that passion next time you must find out another activities that will produce same satisfaction for you.

2.      How much it cost to do ? Would you do it for free?

Do you think your passion can produce huge money ? But in reality passion live in the free zone. You must heard “ the best things in life are free”.

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So when you try to find your passion in life just remove “earning potential “ from the formula.There are many meaningful things in your life that transcend financial consideration. It’s actually related to giving rather receiving.

3.      Do you ever forget about the time when you do it?

Have you ever feel like “ When I was doing that , I just forget the track of my time!”.  Believe me this actually indicates that you are passionate about  whatever task you were doing .

Passion in life

You may probably notice you watch many times but your passion hold back you there. So what you will do , definitely you should continue to do those things as these are the passion of your life.

4.      Do you like to discuss about it with someone who will listen?

Sometime you may not be aware of how often you bring up particular subject, but the people you talk to are. Do you believe that you tend to talk about the things you passionate about. Here I must recommend you just leave aside the complainers.

You may be surprised at what you discover when you ask those closest to you about the particular subject that bring up a lot for you. Request you don’t stop it , here the passion in life begins for you.

Passion in life

5.      Does it provoke you to wake up early in the morning?

Do you think about it at night before going to bed? Do you wake up in the middle of the  night and check what time it is because you are exited ? Is there something that you like to do so much that you can’t wait for next morning.

If so then you are already discover your passion in life. And for wake up early you may add some more with your life here.

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6.      Are you happy when anyone ask about something?

Do your friends or family member come to with some specific things or for some solution over it? And you must happy at that time to share your knowledge with them.

If so then you probably have a genuine passion in that topics. I must say you to explore this a little further and watch how it makes you feel?

Here I want to add one more thing these type of scenario also boost up your self-confidence. For know more you can check here.


7.      Would you want to spend more time on it?

Find out what you want to do most when you are free. Even if you have a busy schedule with other things , what do you wish you could be doing?

If you continuously try to look forward to those rare opportunities then that activity is obviously your passion in life. Just keep it up.

Passion in life


Now it’s your turn as your passions are waiting for you. As I was ask you to write the questions on a separate paper , so please now explore the questions . If you find something that relate all seven or at least one of these criteria , that definitely help you to find your passion in life.

I have mentioned only 7 important question above to find your passion in life. But there are some more great resources I have read. If you want to know more then I must suggest to check 50 Self-Coaching Questions To Help You Find Your Passion by Barrie Davenport. This was a great  article and really inspired me to write this post.

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Follow your passion to find true happiness in life. I wish yo the greatest successes of your greatest dreams.

How are you feel now? Have you get some conclusion ? Don’t forget to share and comments.

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