Anxiety-5 Self Help Tips for relief from anxiety in life

Anxiety-5 Self Help Tips for relief from anxiety in life
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If you are suffering from Anxiety, then I believe you also suffer from any of bellow physical challenges.


  • Tension and headaches
  • Gastroenterology difficulties – I personally suffer a lot from this..!!
  • Dizziness or tingling in the extremities – as blood rushes from the brain to the legs
  • Muscle aches and fatigue – eventually the body is exhausted from the increased tension
  • Insomnia – a frequent consequence of all of the anxiety disorders…and many more.


So you want to get relief from anxiety, Tune Up Success here to help you. Please don’t waste your time, energy, being anxious ,it actually  not help you to solve any problem of your life.

Here is 5 Self Help Tips for relief from Anxiety for you:


1.      Recognize your Anxiety and what are the reasons behind it:

Check whether you are feeling fear to meet someone? Or talking with your boss? Or travelling on road? Or worrying about your future? Or about your child’s education? Or on you’re after retirement plan? Or your daughter marriage?

So what to do now?  After recognize the reason of anxiousness, till we stay anxious or try to resolve the issue immediately to relief from anxiety?

I know that all issues can’t be resolve by you as you can do your best only. But you can resolve it partially and get some help from your near and dear once.


2.      Keep yourself busy from start of your day:

Do something dear..!! “Life is too short”..! Activity keeps your mind off your anxiety.

Check when you wake up in the morning what is you doing? Cleaning the house? Washing dishes or working in your garden? Meditating or exercising your body? Reading or studying?

Yes that’s all may keep you busy and keep your mind away from anxiety.

Here I will suggest you to check

Benefits of Wake Up Early

Also make practice to think about the GOOD things that are happening to you at the time of go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning.

Keep your body fit through daily exercise, walk, swim, yoga, any sports activity etc.

Staying idle and thinking about your problems won’t help you at all to overcome them.

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3.      Find Reason To Lough:

Watch comedies on TV, spend time with friends, spend with your children and listen their words you know very well that what makes you laugh..!!

Share or discuss about your anxiety with someone you trust. It will help to reduce the intensity of your anxiousness.

Also prefer :

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4.      Don’t expect perfection always:

I am not the best father! My Air Condition not facing in perfect direction! May mail writing is not perfect! I’m a failure!

Those are helping us to become anxious. So stop doing things perfectly.

Accept imperfection and uncertainty. You don’t have to be perfect to make progress. You don’t have to know something for sure in order to do it. Doing it is better than worrying about it.


5.      Control your thoughts:

“Something bad will happen”

“He thinks, I am a big looser”

Control over your thoughts and strengthen your anxiety If negative thought increase then anxiety also increase.


I believe the tips I have mention here will definitely help you in major cases. But in critical cases you may need professional help.

If I able to help you up to some extent then expect your valuable comments, and hope you will definitely share with your near and dear ones.

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