How You Can Bounce Back from Failure and Turn it into Success

How You Can Bounce Back from Failure and Turn it into Success
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Do you frustrate being faced repeatedly failure? I have faced, till facing and I am sure failure will not leave me till my death. But I believe on success after failure, do you?

I believe, you should notice that some of the failures are digestible and some are devastating, is it? And repeated failure can be hard to bounce back from .Your confidence crush when you focus on a situation or invest on a project and can’t able to see the desire result after giving your best.

“Failure is not opposite of success, it’s part of success” Click To Tweet

Do you believe failure is part of life? If yes, I am here to help you, bounce back in track and regain your self-confidence and make success.

Here how you can bounce back from your failure

What did I learn?

When I failed then opportunity come to learn something new. I can’t be perfect in every way in life. Then what to do? I should look for the lesson. How I can do it differently in next time?

If I never failed then never learn the lesson. Learning and lessons are making us smarter to find the new way out.

But I should remember to act on the lesson from my learning.

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Don’t take it personally

I believe sometimes things may be beyond my control, I have to accept it. This is the reason some great people are never gives up and try again and again for same results.

If you attend a ten job interviews but every time you are up against the organization veterans, your failure may have a lot to do with your competitor.

Sometime I have to accept that the results are not reciprocal to efforts. Failure is not reflection of who am I. If anyone judge me on my failure then it is their problem not my.

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Try to find out the opportunity hide in adversity:

I will check for new opportunity during any adverse situation. Opportunity will give me the chance to bounce back on the track.

Once I have read about a young boy, who was looking for job. But everywhere he went, heard –“not hiring”. He then decided to either get a job or sell them a “not hiring” sign which he would make.


Who failed before you?

Harry Potter series were also rejected first time. Every famous person I know has failed at a certain point in their career, is not it?

So I shall keep going, motivating myself, think those people failed before me. Famous people, even your nearest friends or senior or relative faced failure for sometime which turn into success. Their story will become the motivation for us.

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure”- Napoleon Hill Click To Tweet
Long term vision:

I was thinking my blog will get success immediately after start, but practically it is not. Success will not come overnight. It is hard sometime also it come to my mind to quite.  But I set up my mind not to give up .

So you have to optimize your expectation to lower down your distress. So take a long-term vision make the foundation strong on the basis of current failure scenario.

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Balancing emotion:

What I thought about myself when failure occurs?  So need to keep up a balance between negative and positive emotion. Negative thinking like “I am a failure” not help us at all, it just continue the failure.

Rather if I think like “will do better on next time” it will boost up my positive emotion. When a chain of failure occurs then focus each as specific and non permanent event, which will give massive impact on success.

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List up previous success even small:

If you have face difficulties to bounce back confidence, list up your previous success, even how much small success they are.

It may be one time when you make a person smile, small award or recognition you got from your boss, anything. Looking at small achievement is great experience.

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Re-frame your plan of improvement:

Lastly if you try again and again the same thing and it’s not working for you then take a moment for discover the plan B.

Take help from people who can help you. Recheck your expectation and execution. Take immediate action to fill the gap.

Honestly, when the soil is not good then replant it elsewhere. Re-frame your feelings on failure. It will change your choice. It will force you to bounce back from failure.



How to bounce back from failure:

  1. What did I learn?- Ask your self.
  2. Don’t take it personally.- Mind it.
  3. Try to find out the opportunity hide in adversity:- Try to find it.
  4. Who failed before you?- Discover it.
  5. Long term vision:-Keep it.
  6. Balancing emotion:-Maintain it.
  7. List up previous success even small:-Start it.
  8. Re-frame your plan of improvement:-Implement it.

Now your turn ,before go please leave comments and share it.

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Happy tuning..!!

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