Critical Thinking Vs Creative Thinking

Critical Thinking Vs Creative Thinking
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If you want to improve your thinking power then this is a simple article about mind which helps you a lot.

Yes, I believe that sometime in life we need to have both Critical  and Creative . What is the basic difference or relationship between these two?

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Now, I believe you must agree that all these are the game in our brain between two main players – left brain and right brain.

Lets see at a glance for the characteristic of both .


Critical Thinking Vs Creative Thinking




There is a reciprocal logic to both intellectual creation and critical judgement. Depends on you how to apply at real life.




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On the above info graphic it is clearly visible the relationship between two character of our mind. Now your turns how to keep balance in your mind for achieving success.

What you will choose during any critical situation of life – Objective or subjective, Probability or Possibility?Linear or Associative < Yes But or Yes..and?- these are all your choice.

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