Do you know your daily time wasters [ Infographic ]and how to manage them

Do you know your daily time wasters [ Infographic ]and how to manage them
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Stop wasting your time as time is a very precious resource-it was a common advice I heard from everyone during my school life. At present I can realize how I have lost those days with so many time wasters.

Time wasters are the activities by us throughout the day which actually have not give us any benefit. You have only 24 hours in hand daily, so to free up your schedule and become more productive you have to find your daily time wasters and take immediate action to deal with them.

“Regret for wasted time is more wasted time”
                                                                               Mason Cooley

time wasters

According to World Bank, Bureau of Labor Statistics the average life expectancy in America is 78.6 yrs. Now you may surprise some funny but real fact how we actually spend our time through out our life which described by an great infographic  by Funders & Founders.

So you have only 9 years to do something for your own by effective time management techniques.

Here I have prepare an infographic for you with some common facts , check some of them must be the one of the daily time wasters for you:

time wasters infographic

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Do you find some similarity with your cause of time wastage in your daily life? Let’s discuss.

  1. No priority:

Doing tasks without knowing the priority can big time wasters for you. As you have many schedule on daily basis like responsibilities of family, child care, attending meeting, response of email , your relaxation etc , you have to prioritize your task. Without realizing ” why I doing this?” or “how it is related to my goals?” you are wasting your time.

  1. Want to be perfect:

To make everything perfect rather striving towards progress you lost every minutes of your life. An electronic device or machine can run perfect over a period of time but after some days it also reduce its output. But you are a human being. If you success to make your life perfect up to some extent it’s OK, but don’t feel insecurity and waste your time to be 100% perfect.

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  1. Procrastination:

Not doing what you need to do and waiting for the last moment is another example of time wasters. It comes in your path when you are under conflict or select the right choice. If you find conflict between schedule of meetings, just check the priority and change the time or date  of the meeting as per your requirement. In this point if you procrastinate to take the decision  then you probably hamper your personal time management.

  1. Not saying “No”:

If you can’t say no then you are allowing others to choose how you should spend your own valuable time. Taking everything by yourself will not serve you or the other people around you.

“The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.”

                                                                                                   Carl Sandburg

  1. Random socializing:

Making relationship with thousands of online strangers won’t help you rather one real relationship in real world. If you can do some value addition with your life by socializing then go ahead but if it is just for fun then you are really wasting time.

  1. Meeting without purpose:

Meeting without agenda, specific reason and proper time frame is one of the way of time waste at work. I have personally attend so many such meeting which actually for a formality , do you?  Ultimately it increases my pending task and stress level because I actually was doing time pass .

Do you know the average person checks their Smartphone 110 times a day ?  You will be surprise to know some facts on live online with your smartphone:

time wasters


  1. Live online:

Hope you are reading this article in your mobile or may be it kept on the table and you want to check how many whats up status appear! Figure out whether any one signs you have that will prove –you are completely Addicted to Your Smartphone.

Wasting time with your smartphone, on Facebook and Twitter ( best internet time wasters) watching too much TV, dependency  on apps are actually theft your time rather get things done you know what to do with. If you want the try these 10 Simple Tips for Start Your Day with Happiness

  1. Distraction:

Loosing concentration over your focus by external events may affect on your time management.

You may read once if you suffer from  these 6 struggles what highly intelligent people have and how to overcome.

  1. Wake up late in the morning:

Start your day early to take the advantages of one or two-hour more in everyday life.

“Don’t keep your own schedule – that will eat too much of your time keeping your own schedule. And when you are tired, stop. Because if you are too tired, you become not productive, and you are wasting time.”

Christine Quinn

You must agree with me that time is something that you will never get back. So to utilize 8760 hours of the year efficiently and eliminating time wasters from your daily life. I am trying to brief some techniques here which may be useful for you.

You may know the method to prioritize tasks till I am sharing with you for a gentle refresh. This is really help me out when I overwhelmed in my office job. If you not applied so far , just try it once , it’s very simple and effective one for time management.

Time Management For Time Wasters
Prioritizing tasks to eliminate time wasters

Ask yourself “what would happen if..?”

Conduct some mental experiments to see what would happen if you suddenly subtract some amount of time you spend on a routine task. Or if you completely eliminate the task from your daily routine?

Pick up an activity from your daily routine. Now ask yourself what would be happen if you cut half of the time from it. If you spend two hours on Facebook every day, what would be happen if you only check it for one hour? Or if you check it in different time slot for 5 to 10 minutes and logout from it?

This mental experiments will give you a clear idea of segregate your priorities.  If you figure out the worst scenario if you cut off less prioritize things, then it will help you to more productive by optimizing your daily activities.


“Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” –Lord Chesterfield

Redefine a value on your task:

Make a to do list is good but without define the value against each task is not helpful for you. Because if you don’t assign value, you can’t prioritize. If you can’t prioritize, you are just wasting your time.

The best way to define the value of a task is to ask yourself “what happen if I stop or eliminate?” It is usually obvious to prioritize non routine activities. You may understand that the routine activities become your habits and decision become automatic.

“To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.” – Eva Young

Don’t stop to make decision:

It’s okay to be wrong. If you cut of sometime from surfing online on Facebook and Twitter for one week and realize it had huge impact on your socialization and entertainment, you can always revert to your old habits. But it will help you to see the both sides. Instead of just continue something that you assuming as time waster for you can see the real value on it. After all it is true fact that the Secret of Your Success is What You Think and Believe, You Can Achieve .

Recommended Book for you:

If you have decided that a routine task can’t be reduced enjoy it. There is no point resisting a decision you have already made.

Now it’s your turn, if you found this article will help you on time management then don’t forget to write us and share with your friends and family.

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  • I am such a procrastinator! I dawdle a lot! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • I am too and trying hard to cut this procrastination from my life . Thanks Danielle. Really it is one of greatest wall created by us on the path of self success. I have lost so much time by procrastination by only keeping some good idea in mind without implementing and taking action to execute it. And after some days I found I have actually lost many big opportunity.

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