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Easy Ways You Can Turn First Time Interview Into Success

Easy Ways You Can Turn First Time Interview Into Success
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Are you going to face first time an interview? Are you a fresher? Have you face any interview before? Have you heard lot of fact from your friends and senior about interview?

Then please relax and spend 5 minutes for settled down here. I will tell you today how to handle the first time interview. You may get ton of tips at internet but this is especially for you as I have include my experience with those which I have gather during my professional life of 12 years.

What you will learn from this article:

  • Things to remember before appearing an interview.
  • How to prepare yourself for first time interview
  • Tips and tricks during facing the interview

Here is my top list on facing first time interview:

Let’s go the fear of rejection:

Please understand the fear due to which many of us come across a sleepless night before the interview is not actually the interview. It is the fear of rejection. Wear your attitude as –“you don’t need this job”. It will help you to boost up your confidence.

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is to be understood -Marie Curie Click To Tweet

Grow your self-confidence with :

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Fearful person are not at all except by any organization, so please overcome your fear of losing the chance to get the job.

Know the job profile well:

Always ask the job description from the concern employer or HR before appearing the interview. Understand if you fit for the job profile and find your strength. It will help to build a positive inner thinking   and will change your basic appearance which is crucial points to face first time interview.

What will be the right posture, if you are the interviewer?

Different way of sitting when waiting for interview
What skill you are bringing on the table:

Think about a little fact that, you need the job at the same time the employer also need a suitable and fit candidate for the post. If you buy or take any paid service then always your intend will to get the best service from the provider. So it is also like a business with the employer and try to showcase your ability which will give largest benefits to the organization if you selected by them.

Make a list of probable questions and answers:

Believe me a little exercise on what may ask by the interviewer will help you to find out 70-80% of questions and answers ready before appearing. Take help from your senior or friends who are related to same type of organization, do some study on the job profile.

Prepare CV honestly:

Your CV is playing a vital role here. Please avoid to fabricate your CV as employer are very smart to easily catch it up which may cause the problem for you during the interview and in future will affect in your career.

These all are the primary need of preparation for the interview. Till now you have a clear view, I think.

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Remember when you appear for an interview whether it is first time or any time in your career:

  1. Never do arguments with interviewer: Accept and prove your views positive way, avoid establishing you are correct in negative way.
  2. Remain honest and flexible: Please avoid making up answer with wrong way or information what you don’t know just accept it politely. You may ask the answer when things are over which show that you are eager to learn.
  3. Take a feedback:Before closing please asks a feedback on your answers, employer will happy to see the positive attitude you have to accept feedback.
  4. Be realistic on negotiate salary: When salary negotiation comes in picture then please don’t demand unrealistic hike. It’s create an image that you only want to change the job for money means if any organization give you good hike you again may shift quickly .
  5. Give a thank you mail: Whether you have selected or not don’t forget to write a thank you mail, mentioning you are glad to get the opportunity and hope you will select for the job.

A job interview is not a test of your knowledge but your ability to use it at right time Click To Tweet

Bonus Tips !

 In addition here is some common practice suggest to follow:

  • Never late at venue
  • Make checklist for all documents need to carry
  • Don’t interrupt –listen carefully , if not clear ask again
  • If this is first time then may have a glass of water to avoid go dry if nervousness appear.
  • Focus and keep eye contact with interviewer.
  • Show positive body language
  • Switch off your mobile before entire
  • Relax and structure your answer – as they only want to know you.

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 Sometime the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

Hope it will beneficial for you. If you like the article please doesn’t forget to share. Soon we will bring a complete guide on Interview.

Happy tuning..!!

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