Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness
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Today I want to share some of my finding to find happiness:


Have No Regrets

It’s no use crying over split milk. Accept the consequences of your actions. You cannot change the past. But you can change the present and the future! Instead of grieving at the past, improve your present life and give of your strength for the future to build up your happiness.

Live a simple life here.

Take Care Of People

In my opinion, the essence of religion is based, first of all, on these things, not on attending temples, committing ceremonies and rituals, being present at sermons, etc.

I believe that these values are widely applied in our earthly life! They are not only the ways to achieve some kind of postmortem rescue! No! Compassion, kindness, care of people – is the recipe for earthly happiness!

Did you pay attention to the fact that misfortune, suffering and depression are, by their nature, extremely self-centered states? The unhappy person is obsessed only on his feelings and his grief. He does not care about other people’s problems. He thinks that his personal problems are big and significant!

The value of love for people (Update: not only for people, precisely, but for all living: animals, plants, nature, our planet) is both the cause and the consequence of happiness. Happy people do not close on themselves and do not think all the day about their problems; they bring happiness into the world and try to help other people. And in these actions they find new happiness!

Forgive And Do Not Criticize

Learn to forgive other people. This will teach you compassion and understanding. Offense, hatred and rage give birth to suffering and frustration. Love, kindness and forgiveness give birth to happiness.

Condemn and criticize people less. Stop gossiping and spinning intrigues. This will teach you to stop focusing on other people’ shortcomings and find their positive sides. It will also allow you to pay attention to your own imperfection and your problems’ reasons.

Say bye to stress and anxiety with:

15 Most Powerful Practical Ways to Overcome Stress

Do Not Complain About Life

Do not complain about circumstances, stop thinking and talking about how bad everything around you is. Can you change something with these thoughts? No. They only spoil your mood and make your life miserable and destroy your happiness.

Of course, there are grief and injustice in life. It is a fact of life that you should accept. The world is what it is. There is no sense in whining and rejection.

Courageously accept your fate! This does not mean that you should accept it without resignation. Improve your life, change the world for the better, and accept the order of things in your life, which you cannot change!

This will save you from needless suffering and frustration over the fact that the real life does not always meet your expectations.

Take Responsibility

Stop blaming circumstances and people around for the fact that your life has developed not the way you wanted. You are responsible for it, not your parents, not your friends and not your government. Because you are free to change your life, and you have the biggest impact on it!

The personal responsibility is not the result of guilt, but the consequence of freedom! You make your own life and, therefore, you are responsible for it. Depriving yourself of responsibility means depriving yourself of freedom to have impact on yourself and on the world. And depriving yourself of freedom means depriving yourself of happiness!

Learn To Manage Your Emotions

Freedom from destructive passions, such as envy, pride, laziness, boredom, irritation and rage will make you a happy person! and encourage to your happiness.

“Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose- C.S. Lewis”


This recipe for happiness is indicated in almost all materials devoted to the main issue of this article.

And I will not depart from this tradition. Of course, smile more. Psychologists have identified an inverse relationship between your facial expressions and your emotions. This means not only that, when you are happy, you smile. It also means that when you smile, you become joyful!

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