Hello my name is Risk come again in your life

Hello my name is Risk come again in your life
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I am “Risk”. I come to your life when you have to choose a decision on your career, move to different place, quit a job and start your own business, beginning of a new relationship, have child and many more.

In nature I am scary, uncertain, and unpredictable.

So why you will accept me-“Risk”:

  • I will teach you to set a clear goal and follow through
  • I may allow you to feel powerful and proactive , making things happen rather than waiting for them to happen to you
  • I may open you up to new ideas, skills, opportunities and experiences
  • I will allow you to grow and discover new things about yourself and the world, to develop your strength and talent
  • I will give you an opportunity to open up your talents, interests, abilities and dreams


So I am Risk and your need to enhance your life experience.

Risk means being exposed to the possibility of bad outcome and risk management means taking deliberate action to shift odds in your favor.

Now try to implement me-“Risk”, in following situation in your life:

Not saying “I love you too”: The fact is he or she is most likely waiting about the same thing waiting for you to take a move. If that person doesn’t love you back , then at least you come to know where the things relay stand and can disillusion yourself

Making a Mistake: If you are not making mistake then you’re not trying enough things or not living enough.

Losing friendship: Friendship is great but they can also be very restrictive. But true friends should support you and your dream no matter what. They should understand that you may have to distance yourself a bit more and then work together to keep the friendship alive –even if you don’t see each other half as much.

Not being good enough: This is important as it informs you how much more work you need to put in before you can succeed. But you will never know if you are good enough if you don’t take risk .

Admitting that you don’t know” : It’s crazy. Knowledge is the easiest thing to accumulate, but only if you ask questions and risk admitting your lack of knowledge.

Hope I am now able to give some part of Risk in life and it will be helpful to you for certain time.

“A ship in harbour is safe – but that is not what ships are for.”

John A. Shedd

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