How to control Ego

How to control Ego
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“Ego is the biggest enemy of humans”- Rig Veda

In continuation of my earlier post “ I am Ego”, let’s try to find out the way out to control the same for more happiness in life.

When I start to write on this some question in my mind arises like, Who am I ? What I do ? How other perceive me?

So when I feel myself either inferior or superior to other by answering all these questions – I have ego issue.

Surprisingly I have found that ego is an inseparable part of me.

“Masters know when to speak, when to be silent and when their words will be like farting against thunder”

I’m not saying that the ego needs suppression or containment, just proper management and understanding. Everyone is unique individual with their own personality – this is the part of ego that can be embraced. The Key is to see this beautiful quality in every other soul.

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How to control Ego:

So how can I can check my ego , Lets explain them:

  • Think Before You speak– Choose your word wisely. Need to control our motor mouth. As people will pick up this and return it in kind.
  • Hold Your Tong– As I had mention earlier that Ego is loves to make itself right. Mostly the common trap fall into is trying to make someone else see that you are right. Really? Is it that important for you to force someone to see life through your eyes and perception? No , that is your ego trying to justify itself. Start exercise e to control tong; see how simple your life will be.
  • Quite Comparisons-Comparing yourself to others is another trap of ego-don’t fall for it. Please fall in love with yourself. Remember there is no one like you in this world.
  • Don’t Bye into the Labels– You are not the role you play in your family or community, you are not your profession. You are a special individual spark of the Divine that is nameless and authentic.
  • Water Off a Duck’s back– Do not take things personally, consciously or unconsciously. This can leave you in constant need for validation from external sources which is the need of the ego.

Your ego won’t go away but you can have a control over it instead of it running a muck with you. It will help you to never feel superior or inferior, You simply are – a state of grace, least resistance and inner knowing of peace.

So tune up your Ego will come soon with more with Ego.

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