How SELF CONFIDENCE Can Help You Live a Better Life

How SELF CONFIDENCE Can Help You Live a Better Life
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Appreciate your interest to build up your self confidence and that why you are here. Here I want to brief about what is self-confidence and what are the importance of self confidence in our life.

What is Self Confidence?


It is actually our positive attitude and thinking about ourselves that allows us to move forward and achieve goals. Self-confidence is one of important character in life when thing don’t go our way, we still believe that eventually somehow, some way and they will. It is the control on life by which we can do what we plan and expects.

Self-confidence comes from:
  • Ability to think positively about our self and capabilities.
  • Ability of thinking positive about our self continuously in critical circumstances.
  • Ability to think on positive value and powerful capabilities of us.

So if you want to start building your confidence, first you have to recognize that you already have the above abilities.

Happiness is strongly bonded with self-confidence. The moments when we feel bad the most are the moments when our self-confidence reaches its lowest level. Knowing that I am good, worthy and capable of facing life problem gives real happiness.

Self Confidence

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Why Self Confidence is Important for My Success?


  • Able to take more calculative risk in life to encounter more opportunities.
  • Able to ignore when someone criticize you.
  • Freedom from personal and social anxiety.
  • Not feel that bad when alone compare to other with lower confidence.
  • More like and accept by people as a role model.
  • Freedom from depression, jealousy and felling insecure.
  • Enjoy more happy life without stress
  • Achieve success
  • Self-motivation and building positive energy
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