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10 Cool Funny Quotes
Lets make some fun with the cool and funny quotes ..!! The difference between stupidity and genius  is that genius has its limits. Sometimes I wish I was a Bird  So I could fly over Certain people  and shit on their heads.   The only reason I’m fat is because  a tiny body could not store all this personality If something bad happens You… (0 comment)

Bengali Wedding Ritual Culture
Bengali Wedding Ritual Culture Dear Readers, my sincere apology that I can’t able to post since last 20 days- my sister marriage ceremony just over. Hence wish to share you the story of Bengali Hindu Wedding ceremony. In last 20 days I have observed how the ceremony leads reunion of family members and old friends.… (4 comments)

What Experts Are Saying About Honey Lemon and Warm Water In Every Morning
Table Of Contents1 Here are the benefits of taking honey lemon with Luke warm water every morning:1.1 Weight Loss:1.2 Start Meditation Today, Why? Check Here:1.3 Boost Immune System:1.4 Improve Digestion:1.5  Helps to Maintain Acidity Levels:1.6  Clean Intestines and Urinary system:1.7 Do you facing pain in neck during excessive use of mobile phone ? Check Here… (7 comments)
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