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How Steve Jobs Show The Path Way Of Success In Life
Table Of Contents1 Here are 8 guidance of success in life that Steve Jobs himself followed when building multi million dollar companies.1.1 Love what you do1.2 Be a child and develop beginner’s thinking1.3 Don’t be afraid to fail1.4 Spice up your normal routine1.5 Say “no”1.6 Believe in yourself1.7 Giving back1.8 Know your purpose of life… (0 comment)

Common Mistakes That Destroy Relationship
“Relationship” – When they end, lot of unanswered question arises. What did I do wrong? to destroy the relationship..!! Why did this happen? to destroy the relationship..!! Why do I keep attracting jerks? to destroy the relationship..!! “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” John Powell In maximum time we are not… (0 comment)
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