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15 Best Practice to Become More Productive by Today
Table Of Contents1 1. Exercise2 2. Get up early:3 3. Prioritize:4 4. Become accountable:5 5. Email:6 6. Don’t mess up:7 7. Accept delegation:8 8. Keep the flow:9 9. Turn Off Notifications:10 10. Switched off your TV:11 11.  Avoid multi-tasking and so many meeting.12 12.  Don’t wait for perfect condition:13 13.  Learn to say “No”14 14. Use a… (0 comment)

5 ways to break your comfort zone
  Every One has own comfort zone..!! And it’s very difficult to come out from our comfort zone..!! Is your current life satisfying? Is there room for improvement? So here you need to do some tuning to break your comfort zone .   If you want to increase your creativity,confidence, then please go ahead with… (6 comments)

Arrange Vs Love Marriage in Indian Culture
  Love or Arrange Marriage –it’s a non-stoppable debate.   Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnu, Shirin Farhad, Romeo Juliet– famous character of history of love. Will we noticed why they are so famous- Answer is they never got married. So what you are thinking now about marriage!  My dear friends! Is it concluding that Love is… (0 comment)
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