How to eliminate the Fear of being Alone

How to eliminate the Fear of being Alone
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Are you bored in life , being Alone..??

Long away from family and friends for long days..??

Don’t worry. I am here at Tune Up Success ( formally Share Of Heart )for you.I personally  experienced , when I got my first joalone happyb ,posted  far away from my home town. Ohh..It was really horrible and bored until I discovered the way-out.

Believe me if you alone and feel unhappy and frustrated then it surly works on you and if not then also it will help.

I am trying to brief with simple picture in 2 part here which help you to not felling alone.


Part 1:

  • Create from your mind :

Read: Alone in home, lets start reading some books of your interest. I was used to read on entrepreneurship, new technology on internet only. It help me a lot on my self- education and finding  my self as a person.


Write: Write a story or poem, its will help you to increase your imagination. Don’t worry its bad or good writing, just start and keep going and after sometime you will feel that you are not alone.


Listen lot of Music: Arrange a good sound system you like, may be you can download to your mobile whatever songs you like and enjoy the same. Music that’s bring back some certain events and eliminate you felling of being alone.


Sing or Dance: It is not necessary to sing like a professional singer or dance like a professional dancer. You are not going to sing or dance for anyone else, its for you only , so lets go.


Live life simple:

15 Easiest Way To Make Your Life Simple One


  • Learning to love your Solitude:

Learn to embrace being alone: In present world of speed and competitiveness, solitude is precious and something to be trusted.


Do everything you like to do with friend : What I actually find out sometime I am not missing friends , actually missed the activities and hobbies being alone. So if you would have gone out to dinner or to a movie on a date , then take yourself out and go there. Don’t hold your self back.

Grow up your self confidence:

How SELF CONFIDENCE Can Help You Live a Better Life


Be happy: Live a life of optimism. Don’t you think that happiness comes from within, regardless of your situation? Don’t use being as an excuse for not enjoying your life; make something good from it.

  • Reflection Time:


Think : Reflect on life with greater meanings. Think about what makes you “ you”.What do you believe in? Why? Are there any things that don’t seem right to you? What do you believe at face value (or accept as a matter of faith)?



Don’t over-analyze things independent of you: Judgment on others expression, feelings, thoughts and attitude –just start a negative activity and get you down. Mind that your feeling of being alone provoke you being negative thinking.to I am always try to realize that I don’t have all the facts and that’s just fine.



Hope these will help you . Although many of us know all those point but don’t try to adopt. So I just try to give a gentle refresh to all of you , who has suffered from loneliness.

We will cover the rest in Part 2 .

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