How to Say “NO” to Your Children

How to Say “NO” to Your Children
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How to Say NO

How to Say “NO” to Your Children

Some days ago ,I was feeling so much guilSay no to child 2ty on the above subject. My only 2.5 years old baby who sometime so irritate and arrogant due to only  “NO”..!! from me.


Are you a parent or in any relation with kids, then I can help you here at Share Of Heart.


Yes, this is a big issue what we always try to ignore, but many types of mental disorders of children are started from here.


Let’s try to follow some ideas to control it. Believe me, I have tried it and found effective result so far.


Say no to child 3

  • Ask your Child “Help me for …” and Give a big Thanks to him/her:

Let’s take an example as, you plan for an outside and your child trying to take of shoes. Generally you say-

“No! I told you not to take off your shoes because we’re getting ready to go”

Now implement the different one,  I say-

“Baby please helps me out to find your shoe so we can get ready to go.”

Your baby spread out all his toys here and there. What you say-

“No more playing for you. I’m not going to ask you to pick up your toys again!”

I say-“ Baby help me out to collect all toys here”  “ Thank you for helping me to clean up”.

Hope you can distinguish the other way.

Say no to child 4

  • Let your Child know what he or she may do :

You may often say like –

“No you can’t have a cookie now”

The other way I say “ You may have a cookie after dinner. If you are hungry now , you may have fruit”

Another example “ No , not climb on the chair”

Now I say “ Hey the chair is for sitting , baby , if you would like to climb , you may climb here (showing him/her)”

  • Give the child to act their natural character:

Yes Kicking, Biting, and Hitting – are natural for kids. What You say-

“No Kicking/Biting/Hitting .! Stop it now!

I say “Its hurts me baby , I won’t let you hit /Kick or bite me. If you want , you may kick this ball, or hit this pillows or floor or bite the tethering ring”


Stop worrying about future:

15 reasons why you should stop worrying about the future

Say no to child 1

  • Show your request in a positive way:

What you say- “ No, don’t run!” or “ No don’t touch!”

I say- “Please walk inside” or  “You want to touch the lamp, but it might fall and break, just look it baby”

I think in such ways we can make our kids to become disciplined, self-aware and self-regulating in their behavior.


All the parents like me, know all that but still , I want to give a gentle refresh , so that it may help you to find out a solution for how to say no to your children.

Tell me have you found any other ways to gain your kid’s co-operation without saying “NO”


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