Know Your 7 Negative Emotions That’s Actually Have Positive Side For Your Life

Know Your 7 Negative Emotions That’s Actually Have Positive Side For Your Life
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Are you aware about your negative emotions?

Are you often feeling that you always try to consider yourself as happy and remain positive all the time in today’s social media driven –image obsessed world? Are you feeling bad sucks for that?

If yes then please spend 7 minutes to read this article. It will definitely help you to :

As a human being we can’t help but can able to realize those negative feelings, actually causing sudden collapse down of so called happy wall we build in our mind.



  •  Sadness- insists you to pay attention to details:

Think,being attentive to detail means you are actually tuning up with yourself and your surroundings.

What are the Positive Sides in this Negative Emotion?

-Improve your memory

-Able to make more accurate judgement on situation or others

-More attentive on your needs to make a change in your life.

-Communicate your feelings in a better way, ultimately feel you better.

-Help you to construct  your persuasive arguments quality


  •  Guilt –improves your moral direction:


When you feel guilty? Obviously when do something wrong.

What are the Positive Sides in this Negative Emotion?
  • Change your Moral direction to be a good person
  • Actually you start punishing yourself –why you do the wrong things?
  • Feeling terrible in that moment – Your morals are in check.

  •  Anxiety – make you as a problem solver:


When you feel anxiety then you have two choice –either fight with the situation or else run away from it.  What is your choice?

What are the Positive Sides in this Negative Emotion?
  • Fight with the situation or object actually allows your body to metabolize a lot of energy very quickly- a certain changes in nerve system occur –more oxygen feed in your blood and muscles!
  • Boost up your positive thinking.
  • Help you to quickly discover the solution which generally you not able to do like escaping from a fire!
  • Ability to do anything you can at that moment to overcome from the situation.

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  •  Pessimism – make you ready for anything:


Often people think optimist would outperform pessimist because of confidence and the high expectation they set for themselves , believe me, pessimists actually performed similarly.

What are the Positive Sides in this Negative Emotion?
  • Negative thinking transformed anxiety into action.
  • Imagining the most worst case scenario make ready for anything
  • It motivates to try even harder and focus more energy on getting ready for all kind of tasks.
  • Pessimism don’t allow sudden shocked if things get worse, because sometimes, they do.

It found when we are trying to complete important task. This is actually the incubation period of Creativity.

What are the Positive Sides in this Negative Emotion?
  • During the mindlessness our minds are pulled towards unresolved issues and future goals.
  • Ideas are combined for great results.
  • An unfocused attention occurred to resolve the issues.

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  •     Anger- motivates you to patch up conflict:

Anger often to be followed by aggression and lots of aggression happens without anger.

What are the Positive Sides in this Negative Emotion?
  • Helping to solve problems
  • Encourage to come up with solution approach oriented steps towards goal.
  • Help to fix problem in relationship through a greater understanding between the conflict and the person had the conflict.

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Who is smartest? Who is the best looking? Figuring out others is called Jealousy – you know well.

What are the Positive Sides in this Negative Emotion?
  • Driven us to make things happen when we saw someone achieve.
  • Make the goal more tangible to you
  • Motivate you to work harder to achieve things, someone already achieve.
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