Arrange Vs Love Marriage in Indian Culture

Arrange Vs Love Marriage in Indian Culture
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Love or Arrange Marriage –it’s a non-stoppable debate.  

Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnu, Shirin Farhad, Romeo Juliet– famous character of history of love. Will we noticed why they are so famous- Answer is they never got married. So what you are thinking now about marriage!Marraige

 My dear friends! Is it concluding that Love is in the air till you get married? And after marriage it’s only life –no matter its love or arranged !

MarraigeIndian traditional society not want to appreciate Love Marriage as they thought it’s not marriage of two souls –Remembering Munnabhai style “ Chemical Locha”..!!

People who listen to their heart fall in love and settle for love marriage. Those who listen to their mind, go for arranged marriage-

-Interesting..!! So it’s a battle between of Heart and Mind.

So which is perfect? – My answer will no marriage is perfect in this world. Both love and arranged marriages have their own pros and cons.

It is important to understand and realize that both Husband and Wife are equally responsible to make successful Marriage Life.

According to me following are some facts .

Arrange Marraige

  • -Mutual Understanding and Decision making
  • -Marry finances of both parents
  • -No external influences of Family and Friends
  • -Forget about past
  • -Transparency

Negative of Love Marriage are Positive for Arranged Marriage and vice versa.

LoveIn first case both the individuals enter the institution of Marriage with great expectation whereas in second case it’s like plain paper so you can start from scratch.

In today’s world people fall in love numerous of time in life. So how many time my reader’s do.? Before marriage –may be in school life, college life, Neighborhood love or office love.

It is really confused me, when I try to find true love. With so many incident of falling love, at last, only mind can help us to make right choice in .

“Listen to your Heart but Decide only from Mind.”

Arrange MarraigeSo here we may conclude:

Nothing is perfect in the world .It is in our hand only to make it perfect. Situation is also play a
crucial role in our decision making on life. Evaluate the merits and demerits of both concept and remember to take decision from your Mind only.


What is your opinion ?

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