Top Quotes on being yourself

30 Top Quotes on being yourself to uplift your self belief instantly

Quotes on being yourself are important to experiencing the peace of your mind. I hope you have same objective in life but it is hard to meet if you are trying to live by someone’s else rules. “ I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself.”– Bobby Brown Are you truly yourself? ...
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Top 15 Lesson to Learn from Socrates

Top 15 Lesson to Learn from Socrates to Changing Life Effectively

Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher on modern western thought. His philosophy influences millions of people in this world from the ancient time. I want to share with you some of his most important life lesson which can change your thought about life. 1. Nothing will be change until you do. “Remember that there is ...
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What You Think and Believe

The Secret of Your Success is What You Think and Believe, You Can Achieve

As an engineer when I first time start this blog I was thinking whether I can run this or not. One day during surfing some motivational quotes I came across the bellow quotes which inspired me a lot. “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.”-Napoleon Hill I ...
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How to Motivate Yourself after a Big Setback

How to Motivate Yourself after a Big Setback

You know well how difficult it will when you have ever suffered a major setback in your career whether it may personal or professional or educational. At the point of time you know what to do exactly. But the problem is you won’t just want to move forward. Here, the only key is to get motivated ...
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Determination Quotes

Top 20 Determination Quotes On Your Persistence

Determination is the key of your success. Do you struggling on persistence to achieve your goals and happiness?  Then these selective determination quotes will help to keep trying. I recently wrote about how you can bounce back from failure. You might have to boost your inner power a little with these determination quotes. People with ...
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Truth of Life

10 Truth of Life You May Not be Ready to Accept

Do you confused about life and its truth? Let me remind you quickly some brutal truth of life, most of the people generally ignore. Believe me sometime you need to head into the storm to appreciate the light and have a renewed passion for the truth of life. Here is top 10 truth of life ...
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New Year Resolution Quotes

25 New Year Resolution Quotes you must read to boost up again

Do you have plan for any New Year resolution in 2017?  It’s easy to say “I’m going to the gym two times in a week, all year” but in real life intervenes; it is difficult to continue the same for you. Don’t worry; you are not alone in this world? I am also facing same ...
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Passion in life

Answer these 7 questions to know your passion in life

I will highly recommend you to know your passion in life and do it for living , if you think to start or already have started the transformation in life. Passion is your fuel to power your realization and dreams well. If you want to live a truly satisfying and meaningful life you must know ...
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Steve Jobs Guidelines On Success In Life

How Steve Jobs Show The Path Way Of Success In Life

Steve Jobs is no longer with us, but his vision, ideas and personal success story inspire millions of people in every corner of the world. His unconventional thinking made him a legend of this generation. Here are 8 guidance of success in life that Steve Jobs himself followed when building multi million dollar companies. Love ...
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Lessons from Buddha

15 Lessons from Buddha will turn your life positively

Gautama Buddha also known as Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha who started to impact millions of lives through his spiritual wisdom and lessons , sometime between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE. His lessons and thought is universal, no matter what religion and culture we from. Lord Buddha’s voice with deep insight into self existence made ...
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