Negative Attitude | Block Creative Thinking


Hello Creators, hope you have a brief clarity over Creative Thinking now.

So you have your own creative thinking and want to be boost up and that’s for you are here. Sure, I am here at Tune Up Success to help you to creating opportunities and building your success, I promise.

I believe you have the maximum characteristic of a creative person as I mentioned in my earlier post.

Creative Thinking | Building Your Success

If some are missing don’t worry, those will build up gradually.

Now back to the headline, because you believe that you have creativity or creative thinking, so why you waiting for? Is there anything that blocks your creative thinking?


One of the most important factor that affects your creative thinking is “Negative Attitude”.

How A Negative Attitude Block Your Creative Thinking?


·         Oh shit, Again a Problem!

Often the reaction over a problem is bigger and critical than the problem itself. I always try to avoid the problem until it’s shape a larger. I never try to learn the appropriate emotional, physiological and practical responses. Is it true? Yes.

Am I recognizing that the problem I faced is a new opportunity? Where is the problem? How may overcome?

  • Believing that there is something better than the current scenario I can create.
  • It is a opportunity to react in a positive way.
  • Find the difference between what I have and what I want.

All the above thoughts on a problem build confidence, increase happiness and help you to create a sense of control over life towards success.


·         It’s impossible, can’t be done!

This attitude is actually making me surrender before the battle start. It’s actually give power to the problem it didn’t have before.

Then I am surprise to think how man able to fly in the sky, rocket leave the atmosphere, disease cured!

“The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer”


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·         It’s not up to me; There’s nothing I can do!

Sometime I feel I am not an expert to solve the problem because I am not an engineer, not a chemist, not smart enough, no enough educated…!

Here I have a question: Are the Wright brothers were Aviation Engineers who invent Airplane?

In a recent research on corporate excellence, found that the innovative ideas came from the individuals not by the research group.

I will request to remember that you can always do something to make the situation better.

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·         What will think by others?

An Ordinary Person:”Why are you going this way? It’s too longer!”

A creative Person: “Because I like the drive!”

An Ordinary Person:”Did anyone ever tell you’re strange?”

“Progress is made only by those who are strong enough to endure being laughed at.”

Solutions are often new ideas. New ideas, being strange. It’s usually greeted with laughter, contempt, or both. Yes it is just a fact of life, so I now make up my mind not to let it bother me.



·         I’m not creative!

I have mentioned several time everyone is creative to some extent. The problem is that this creativity has been suppressed by education. When I came back to surface then surprisingly I have discovered that I am creative.

Remember that sometimes people laugh when something is actually funny, but often they laugh when they lack the imagination to understand the situation.

I always try to remember “Success is 99% failure” just need to change the attitude.

Be creative and build your success, keep tuning, I will come soon with some useful techniques of creative thinking.

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