Part:2 How to eliminate the Fear of being Alone

Part:2 How to eliminate the Fear of being Alone
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Hello  Hearts..!!  hope the part 1 of How to eliminate the Fear of being Alone  added some value to your life . I believe, some of my friends and readers should feel some relaxation , of course they are alone .

OK, today I am trying to brief some more process in part 2 of How to eliminate the Fear of being Alone.


Learning opportunities :Learning quotes 1

         It not means every time you have to read good books (although great books are great source of knowledge), you may take help of internet to learn anything you want.

That’s what Tune Up Success for( You may check my earlier post on Finding Happiness in this link).


Consider learning in areas you’ve never ventured before. This might include:


Indoor activities, a foreign language, painting, yoga, mathematics, science, art appreciation, a musical instrument such as piano or flute.

Outdoor activities: Gardening, fencing, tennis, golf.

Or a combination: Meaning, things you can do indoors and out, such as photography or drawing.

I am following gardening , blogging, meeting new people and take their views on life.

That’s interesting you know , let’s try it.




Finding connections with others

 Get a pet. Humans need affection, without it there is a risk of becoming bitter and hating the world around you. Pets are often a source of affection and will give loads of it endlessly.

Pets also provide someone to talk to. No, it’s not weird that you talk to your pet, it’s weird if you don’t. Just be cautious that your pet doesn’t talk back (unless if it is one of the few types of birds that can do so). If so, seek professional help.



If you are self-sufficient, tropical fish, hamsters, budgies or finches are great choices. If you like a little interaction, but not a lot of maintenance, try a cat. If you want to be very hands-on, spend lots of time and get lots of feedback, a dog is for you. I have a small aquarium too.

Remember , getting a pet doesn’t mean getting a dog or cat right away. Often, if you are unprepared to deal with this level of responsibility, the experience will be terrible for both you and the animal. Don’t be fooled into thinking a smaller animal like a rabbit or bird won’t need lots of care – a rabbit needs daily human contact and several hours of time to run about a day, not to mention cleaning it out.

Join an online community. Don’t limit your online activities to just games. Join forums or chat rooms to meet new people also. Take whatever you’re interested in and find other people like you.


Keeping busy

Exercise. Now is the time to get that body you’ve always wanted. Instead of just pigging out on junk food and sitting in front of the TV all night, do some push-ups or sit-ups.


Rediscover the fun to be had in simple exercises. Riding a bike around your neighborhood becomes less work and more fun as you do it.


Be consistent. Exercise takes willpower and diligence. Make a schedule and stick to it. Keep it easy at first and you will discover your limits. Or, join a gym and create new friends there.


Go outside. It’s a big world out there, and you’re only seeing a small fraction of it. Forget the people; just enjoy what life has to offer. Once you do that, then people will want to know and be with you. Frankly, you won’t have a choice but to have friends!

Get involved. Does some charity work as it can make you feel good about yourself and gives you something to do in all your free time.



Lastly I want to say everybody knows all about what I have written in this post. This is only for a gentle refresh as I had said earlier.

Any other points from you are highly appreciated from Share Of Hearts.



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