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Top 10 self improvement articles can increase your productivity

Top 10 self improvement articles can increase your productivity
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Everybody wants to become happier, more successful in life. We both are not exceptional. Yes I mean to say you and me. Don’t you like to grow yourself? Do you ever read any self improvement article or blogs yet? If no then I must say add some value in your life today.

You may also found millions of article on self improvement at internet. It’s hard to even know where to start. So I have listed some of my favorite self improvement article here.

Like many other self improvement blog I write about how to be happier, successful and most importantly on motivation. I love to read the self improvement blog .It’s always wonderful experience for me to discover evergreen article from where I learn to analysis my failure and grow myself.

If you don’t want to miss out some of extraordinary self improvement article then you must go ahead. May be you know a few of them but you probably discover many other new article here.

I have list out here top 10 self improvement articles from my choice.


1.Why People Who Succeed At School Don’t Always Succeed In Life:

At the time of your school life you have some friends who may be rank in top in their academic career. But at present some of them are not so much successful in life or workplace. I have many such examples throughout the academic career. Don’t mind if you among them.

This article written by Anna Chui, Editor, Life Enthusiast. I discovered it in Lifehack one of the most famous blog on self improvement. She has explained in a natural way on the reason behind it.

If you want to justify your friends life or yours then I must suggest to read the article.

2. Our Power Lies In How We Choose to Respond to Our Pain:

This article is written by Carrie Dale , author of The 2 Choices and I have discovered it from one of top self improvement blogTiny Buddha.

Here you can discover the key difference between those who are able to find the meaning from their hardship and move on and those who don’t. You may not able to choose all things that happen to you in life. You do get to choose how to react to those things. Yes we get to choose what it means to us.

So discover your power when respond to pain.

3.The Difference between Goal-Setters & Non-Goal-Setters:


Do you have a little goal on today or in this year? Then you must read this article by one of top sales training and personal success authority in the world today Brain Tracy.

I must recommend you to read once and you must like it.

4. How to Conduct Effective Meetings at Work:


If you are in corporate culture then it is most unavoidable for you to attend and conduct meeting at workplace. The article written by Cornelius Mota of Poise Catalyst. I have discovered it in one of my favorite self improvement blog Personal Excellence by Celestine Chua.

Just go ahead and read it and apply today.

5. How To Be Funny Even When You Think You’re Not:


Barrie Davenport is a certified coach and online teacher with several courses on finding your passion, building confidence and more.

I like this article on self improvement with happiness. You may like to read it and discovered something new today.

6. What Is Motivation and How to Strengthen It:

Ramez Sasson has written this self improvement article on his blog Success Consciousness. You sometime need motivation to boost up your motivation. This article may help you to discover the way how to go in proper direction, take initiative to follow your goals


Here are all article of my blog, some of them you must be like and found useful for your day to day life.

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7. You’ve Come Too Far to Turn Back Now:

Sometime you may feels in life that to turn back now means losses. Read this beautiful article written by Pat Barone in her blog Everyday Power.


 8.  4 Eessential Ways to Thrive in a Fast-Changing World:

Another effective post I have read just few days back. I think this is more related with our present scenario. Donald Latumahina had posted this beautiful article on self development in his blog Life Optimizer. Believe me you must like his writing.

9. Why Your Life Plan Can Fail And What To Do About It:

You may like to read this article to know the magic ingredient of a life plan that prevents it from failure. Ankit Yadav , personal growth enthusiast has written this article with deep analysis and process for a successful life plan.

10.   7 Tips to Overcome Procrastination

Do you think of discipline as a tough love thing? Then you must check this article by Rebecca A. Watson.

Hope you have enjoyed all the articles. Don’t forget to share which one you liked most.

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