Top 7 Mistake You May Not Be Know Why People Failed To Achieve Goal

Top 7 Mistake You May Not Be Know Why People Failed To Achieve Goal
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Goal setting, a very common and well-known thing to you. Especially if you are an employee in a corporate or want to be a successful entrepreneur or trying to make something in life, then setting goal is vital for you.
Accordingly you start out with good internet to meet your goal for the year or in life. You always try to motivate yourself to reach at the end. But after a while you lost the control over it and your motivation start to drift gradually.

Here is the mistakes starts .I’ve done these mistakes so many and if you are like me you are at right place.Suddenly other priorities come in your path and the accountability for your goals gets lost. 


1. Goal remains in your mind not in your heart and in writing:

To make it tangible and real it is necessary to write your goal. If you keep your goal in your mind, then you will not be accountable for the action need to take to meet your goal. When you will start to write it then you must feel the excitement. Some good feelings will transform into good ideas and positive energy which start to motivate you.
It is also true until you write down the thoughts you have no target and timeline to finish it. As you know thoughts change over time so be on track with your original goal write it down.
But when you have decided on a goal , keep in mind and make sure that it is realistic. If you suddenly set a goal to become CEO of a company but you have no experience at all then this will be impractical. Studies have shown that stretching goals lead to higher performance, however overstretched goals can lead to demotivating and a lack of progress.

Hence set and write your goal in a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound –way.


2. Lack of purpose –without “Why?”

After pop up the potential goal in your mind and write down the same, you can then begin to evaluate each goal to decide how important it really is i.e. does it serves your purpose? Those goals that are deemed unimportant now should not be deleted; they should be added to a list where they can be considered again in the future.
Here people do the mistake by not evaluating the purpose and end up pursuing the goal that looks coolest, rather than which is most important. This may work for a short period but eventually you also lose motivation for anything which is not really important and so people failed to meet the same.
To live your best life, you must have a clear sense of purpose. Your goals should, at least in some small way, help you to live your purpose. They certainly should not contradict your purpose.

Do you wish to know more about your life purpose? Discover here.

Understand the “why” is always stronger than “how”. The ‘why’ creates the why you do what you do. It is created with a higher purpose, linked it with your vision that you had.


3. Lack of strategy-without concrete plan and timeline:

Your strategy is your tool for helping you stay on track for reaching your goals within time line. Do you have a plan and strategy to help you propel towards your goal?
So what will be your strategy? I believe you know very well. Just for your refresh,to set up a right environment. Finding the person or group or resources from where you can take help. How you can track your journey? Find the steps involve achieving it through brainstorming session. What you will do when your performance goes drift and bounce back from it? How to estimate the completion time for your project.
If you don’t estimate goal completion time accurately, it can be discouraging when things take longer to meet than you think they should. This can cause you to give up and failed to achieve your target.
In addition I will suggest thinking long-term. Be preparing for some bad days, some good days and a million setbacks on the long ride to success.



So if you want to join with the “8% category” then don’t stop here, you must learn avoid these 7 mistakes –why people are failed to meet goal.

4. Working on other people’s goal:

Do you really want to let other people control your life? No matter what your goals are , the only thing you ever need is your own approval.
Sometimes your family, relatives or even your boss may want to influence the goals you set. May be they know what’s best for you. But however your goals need to be your own. So be politely assertive and do what you want to do with keeping good relationship with others.
On the other hand others might want to do things that make you unhappy. They might disagree with your way or strategy. So enjoy complements when you get them, but put your own wants first.


5. Not appreciating failure and learn the lessons:

Failure is part of success that you already know. So however your failures are what ultimately decide your character. But they also contain lessons that can change your life for the best, if you have the courage of appreciating the failure and learn from them.
So don’t be upset when you fail in any step – just take a note and use the knowledge to reach your goals next time around.

6. Inconsistent action plan

To meet your goal you should have consistent action in every step on your strategy. There is no overnight success. You manifest your goal by taking consistent steps, and moving one inch at a time.
A very common mistake many people make is to not break down their goal in smaller goals. If you split your target with small steps the when you meet a small goals towards the bigger goals you will get self-motivate.
It provides you clear direction as to where you need to go as well as how you are going to get there

7. Limiting self-belief

Limiting your belief only stop you from achieving your goals.If you have limiting belief system like “I am too old or too young to meet my dream”, “I don’t think I can become a multi-millionaire”- this type of thinking only hold back you to do action on your strategy.
No matter how motivated and disciplined you are, you’ll have off days. When it comes the temptation is to stress out. “Why I feel so tired today? I need energy now.
So clear your mental blocks and allow all the possibilities to flow into your mind. Accept the matter what happens and simply make the best of it. The next time you feel down, try to say” Well, I feel tired today; I guess I’ll just do what I can and see what happens.”

Action you can take now:


If you want to live life fullest with your dreams then start to take action on above points. You just need to avoid all these common mistakes along the way. Wrapping up all together apply the above action straight away.


Now your turn. Have you made any of these mistakes in the past? Did you make any other that I have not listed here? Don’t forget to leave your mistake here!

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