Why you must listen to your inner child to find happiness

Why you must listen to your inner child to find happiness
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Do you ever feel the presence of your inner child inside your mind? It will appear when you try to take a decision in your life. You may be ignoring it for sometimes. But it’s sometimes important to welcome the voice of your inner child to find more happiness in life.

I am always doing things I can’t do, that’s how I get to do them

When I tell my daughter to quiet or stop making so much noise, she does what I told. But when I ignore creative and wild wish from my daughter, she probably learns that their wisdom and advice is not wanted or needed. Actually my inner adult has completely take charge of my inner child. As a result sometime I feel dull, lifeless and overwhelmed by my responsibilities as well as feel unhappy.

Do you have same types of feeling? Do you stop creativity by stopping you inner child ?  Let’s check why it is important.

Here are the benefits of listen your inner child:


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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.- Pablo Picasso.


To invite creativity:

When you were a kid how do you used to dream up games?  I remember how i managed to make a homemade kite or make a small wind wheel with palm tree leaf and fixed it at my cycle handle. So is there any lesson or recommendation to stop such creativity in a certain age? Welcome back your inner child and think out of box, so that bring more fun in life.

To fell less stress:

When you were child you have no frustration to take decision. Who protect you to do it now? When you listen to your inner child to make any decision it will feel less stressful moment.

“Look into your own past, some of the best parenting training is learning from your childhood and healing your inner child”- Carol Tuttle

To make the habit of forgive and forget:

When I was in the school many days fight with friends. But at very next day even in next period we all forget the matter and again start to play. So I think you can understand the inner child help us to forget and forgive which ultimately create happiness.

Help to keep hope and make dreams:

It is a natural phenomenon of a child to keep hope and see dreams. And here success starts. If you forget to dream and leave your hope you can’t bounce back from failure.

“ If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child , we would see the magic in everything”

Keep open towards new relationship and experience:

When you listen to your inner child then don’t require to judge before make relationship. Over judgement with your inner adult will create unnecessary misunderstanding and unhappiness in life. Your inner child gives you a chance to view life with a clear and judgment free lens.

Give more body fitness and inner peace:

My daughter insists me to play with her whenever I stay at home. This gives me a fresh mind and body when i take part with her. The best part is when I used to play with her my mind goes to my childhood. I able to recall the game I loved to play in my childhood. It gives me immense pleasure. So next time when you have an opportunity to play just make it and feel the difference.

“Always remember the child inside you. It encourage you to take more risk in your life”

Keep away from fear:

Most of the child doesn’t hesitate to jump in anything interesting or new without fear. Whether we the adult are fear to take any new things in life to happen. It basically reduces our productivity.

“Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child, nothing is impossible”- Paulo Coelho

The Takeaway:

Make your inner child as a partner to help and guide through crazy life. Go with it and see how it changes your life towards unlimited happiness.

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  • This is a great post!

  • My inner child wants me to wear diapers and as such I’ve been doing so. I find myself as the same person but more relaxed and understanding that this is one way for me to heal myself and in time let go of the trauma and emotional abuse I’ve been put through. I mostly wear diapers at home and use the restroom like anyone else so that remains unchanged. Don’t judge when you don’t understand.


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